Friday, August 29, 2008

A little bit crafty

Ok, so I really wanted to spend the whole afternoon scrapbooking because I am so behind and looking at everyone else's blogs, I really need to get crafty. I sometimes have a hard time breaking out and really going with my creative flow - but today, I was prepared to JUST DO IT!

Then, I remembered that I had to make a card for my Grandmother's 90th birthday. So I put the layouts aside and started on the card. I am a SLOW card maker (and scrapbooker too!) I try things a hundred times and second guess myself, but usually am happy with the results.

This card was inspired by one I saw in a SU! Idea Book. All products are CTMH with the exception of the flowered patterend paper which is Chatterbox. The flower is from the Just Blooms Big Pinks - I love those things! I added extra bling by sticking a clear sparkle on top of the brad - after all, 90 years old deserves a little bling.

My parents are taking her to Mohegan Sun Casino tomorrow to throw money away, so I decided that instead of just sticking money in a card, I would make her a one of a kind "Mohegan Money" I bet she will be the fanciest one in the place.

Some more pizzazz! I was really happy with how the Dimensional Element came out. I inked it in Twilight ink and then covered it with glitter. All products are CTMH with exception of the patterned paper, this was a scrap so I have no clue where it is from.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And they're off....

My sweet prince and princess started school today. Kelsey started 3rd grade and JT is entering 1st. I am not too sure how excited they were though. Kelsey, who loves school didn't seem all that enthused this morning, although I think she was a bit nervous. They go to a small school with 2 classes per grade. She has been with pretty much the same kids since Kindergarten and this year, they mixed up the classes so she doesn't know all of the kids as well. JT was more excited than she was but I think being a big first grader is a big deal to him.

As for me, I was ready. The last 3 weeks have been tough. Ever since the solid 2 weeks of rain we had everyone has been off. They have been fighting, I have not gotten anything done, the rush of going back to school and getting ready plus the strain on the budget because they need new clothes, new shoes, etc. etc. really took a toll on me and frankly I need a breather and a schedule. Amen for the schedule!

Speaking of schedules, I was bound and determined that this year there would be NO YELLING in the morning - NONE. It would be operation Get Ready For School and it would go off smoothly, without a hitch. Well, that almost happened.

I spent last night making schedules and posted them outside their doors. That started the first complaints. Kelsey wanted one upstairs and down or to switch the order of the tasks so that she could brush her teeth before breakfast and not have to come back up stairs. JT couldn't do all of those "chores" and there was no playtime listed so we had a minor melt down at 7:00 am. I held firm, no yelling (well, just a slight raise in the voice). But we made it, out the door with time to spare and pretty smooth for the first day.

Here are some pics to enjoy...I have to go get ready to get the kiddos off the bus.


Oh - and tomorrow, I have some creative time built into the cleaning time, so I can't wait to start posting something fun!

Picture number 15 (I think), sun was in the eyes, bugs were flying, she was too close to him, etc.

And they're off.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Who ever said Golf was boring?

Ok, so I probably have once or twice. I really have never minded playing it because I have only ever played tournaments, and well, those are just fun ( read....drunken fun). What I am talking about is watching golf on tv. It has always been part of my television viewing, my parents are both golfers, my grandpa was a golfer, my husband is a golfer and now both of my children are getting into the sport (although they still won't watch it on tv) ~ so it has been on the tv and I just went about my business, not really paying attention to it. That was until a few years ago when I discovered Sergio Garcia. Now, I believe he is the answer to many a woman's question to her husband "Do we have to watch golf again?"......YES!!!!! Oh my does he make this game intersting.

Funny thing is, my husband has been told he looks like Sergio on many occasions, even before we knew who Sergio was and by total strangers. There are many similarities, especially the profile, but only when Sergio has a hat on. So that takes a bit of the guilt of gawking at this beautiful man, with my husband in the room, away....Sergio is just a dreamy version of my husband...but anyhoo....

So I am sure he is good, he won the Players earlier this year and came in second yesterday in the Barclays during a sudden death playoff (can you tell I am paying attention?). He could have won too if it hadn't been for that stupid bird that caught his ball and carried it over to the trees and dropped it near the hazard...yes I firmly believe that he can do no wrong and this is really what happened....And he has made nearly $4 million in 2008 alone.

But I don't actually watch the game for his talent - I watch for him (kind of like I don't actually watch football unless Howie Long is at the Sports Desk). I can say however that as long as he is playing I could never say golf is boring....that little Spanish hottie has finally made me find the true love for the game....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can I get 3 1/2 seconds....please?

Today seemed like it would be a slow day and I desperately wanted to get some housework done, a little scrapbooking...or at least prep for a crop on Friday night...and update the blog. Well, I managed to pick up the living room, no scrapbooking or prepping and well, it is 11:09 PM EST and I am updating now. Forgive any run on sentences or misspellings...I am tired.

I really wonder if children have radar and know when you are busy doing something. They can be sitting playing or watching tv all morning long and the minute I get up to do laundry, pick up, or use the bathroom for that matter, they need me - right then and right now. Needless to say, I was needed ALL DAY long today. I was frazzled and needed to go for a run and then have a drink (the stiff kind....). Well wouldn't you know, by the time DH came home, dinner was made and cleaned up from, it was dark - and I won't run in the dark because I am so afraid that I will be eaten by a bear...they are hungry ya know. I couldn't have that drink either because of the silly trail mix I had to have last night. I follow Weight Watchers (27 lbs down and counting - toot my own horn here), so it is Tuesday and I only have 6 bonus points left for the week - the trail mix happened to be 11 1/2 points....but worth every stinking one! So in order to have a beer or one of my new yummy frozen concoctions I had to run to earn activity points. Well, that didn't happen, so I hopped on the computer instead, while the rest of the family watched a cartoon. Low and behold, not 5 minutes later, I hear shrieks from upstairs. JT was having a breakdown because only Mommy could brush his teeth, not Daddy, just, there goes my first 3 1/2 seconds of "me" time all day. I love to feel needed, really I do, but everyone needs a bit of time to themselves (at least I think this is true), and I don't take that time often (guilt, laziness - not too sure...) and now I think I dug myself a great big ol' hole.

On another note - Friday I am attempting to take some of that "me" time and scrap at the Scrapbookers' Crop Room. I can't wait - it has been sooo long since I actually went out to scrap. I am trying to prep my projects so I don't bring my whole room, have pics ready, and actually get something done, and not sit there for 6 hours staring at the wall (it has been known to happen). So this weekend I hope to post something creative.

In the meantime, here is a pic of the four of us (my step daughter stayed home to work) on vacation in Maine a few weeks ago and one of Bob (my DH) with the kids - I just love this pic, he is such a great Dad!

Ta! Ta! - I am going to bed, in search of 3 1/2 seconds of me time.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here I am....

Ok so I officially got sucked in! I can't believe I am here, and still not too sure why, but what the heck - right? Not like I have the time to add one more thing to my list, but that is typical of most of us anyway. I really liked the idea of starting a blog as a way to showcase my personal scrapbooking pages, pictures of my family and to keep in touch with those I don't see often (well, at least they can see what we are doing in our lives). Plus, being a SAHM (which for me is the best job in the world), adult conversations are rare, so everything I want to say all day can be said here so I don't bombard the DH when he comes home. I like to talk and I really think he turns the volume up on the tv for a reason - come on, he isn't a woman, so he probably doesn't REALLY care about everything that I have to say. I also think the tv execs plan sporting events, the news and the Simpsons to be on a particular times so men DON'T have to listen to their wives.....but that is JM2C on that subject.

So stay tuned to stay updated. I hope to post pics real soon and actually hope to have an interesting enough thought to post, but hey - that's my life - thanks for stopping by.


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