Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of july crafting with the kiddos

We are full swing into our summer schedule here and in an effort to keep the kiddos busy... and mommy sane... I have planned a craft or two each week.  I plan on sharing them with you (in case you need to occupy your own kiddos) each Monday BUT, since I have something rather exciting schedule to post on Monday I decided I will share it with you today. 

DISCLAIMER:  The crafts that I have planned are not my creations (99% of the time)...I do not have enough time or mental energy to come up with brilliant ideas (because I will admit some of these are brilliant).  I have found most of these on the blogs of some amazing women (who have the time and mental energy or are just brilliant) and have adapted them to my family.  It takes enough energy to corral 6 children ages 2-11 to sit and do these crafts! I will give credit where credit is due.  Also if there is a tutorial involved, I will most likely link back to the original creator because where credit is due!

We started with crushed tomatoes.  If you think I am going to give you a cooking lesson though...think again.  All I needed was the cans so I emptied all the crushed tomatoes into plastic containers and put them in the freezer for later.

After the cans were washed and the labels removed, my little helper carried them all out so that I could take care of the first step.

I love little helpers!

I lined them all up and gave them a double coat of Krylon True Blue.  I used the dual paint + primer and loved the coverage.

After they dried it was the kids' turn to play.  I cut out a bunch of stars using my Silhouette and let them decorate their cans.   This craft was easy for all of the kids.  Even my two that are under three (get it...because two two-year olds sounded akward) were able to peel (with a little help) and stick the stars on.  We added ribbons with hot glue (which I helped with) and Kelsey assisted with poking a hole in the top to add some twine.  They came out amazing!

Happy 4th of July!
Enjoy your weekend

Thank you to Kelli and Stephanie Lynn for the idea!

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