Monday, August 29, 2011

back to our regularly scheduled programming...

hello, hello!

Just checking in real quick to let you know that I am still around, still alive and still planning on keeping this blog going.

August was eventful.  Bob went to Alaska for 2 weeks.  JT started football practice for 3 hours a night/5 days a week.  Kelsey started field hockey 3 nights a week.  Sara started puppy class. In between shuttling here and there,  I stripped wall paper, painted 2 rooms and a hallway (including all the trim), switched around 3 rooms, redecorated, went to a few antique shops to accessorize and appropriated some pieces from my parents house.  We had weddings, Jack & Jills, a wedding party (for my step daughter) here, and countless other things that are not the norm and therefore I decided that I would take August off from blogging.

I had planned to be back on track today, but mother nature threw us a curve ball and Hurricane Irene (Tropical Storm Irene when it reached us) decided to hit Western Massachusetts overflowing rivers, flooding roads and postponing the first day of school for my kiddos.

Fingers crossed, I will be back to blogging tomorrow.  I have so much to share from redecorating, to party planning, to scrapbooking!  And, while I am sharing what has been happening over the summer with you all, I am also working on a few new fun things that should be ready by the time I run out of back logged posts!

So...stay tuned, we will back to our regularly scheduled programing very soon.



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