Friday, June 25, 2010

back for another fwf friday!

It is time for another Friends with Flair Friday over at Unity.  I have come to love Fridays for more than just the end of the work is also a day that 50 talented Unity customers (and a sprinkling of DT ladies) show off their love for Unity and all their fabulous stamps.

I just so happened to have a some cards all whipped up and ready to go for this week's showcase.  My niece recently graduated from college and her younger brother from high school, so I pulled out the stamps (I think they were already all over my desk) and created these two cards:

and here is a close up of the background stamp used on the yellow since it didn't show up well in the above pic:

I tend to use that little cloud journaling thingy alot!  I just love it.  The background stamp is from the June KOM and because I didn't seem to have any graduation stamps (really???) I had 2 packs of Jolee's in my stash and swiped the grad caps for the cards.  I based the card on this fabulous card by Dawn McVey.

Don't forget to pop on over to the Unity blog after 10am (CT) to see the full list of FWF blogs.  You will want to check out each and everyone of them for oodles of inspiration...but also to find out who has the blinkie.  You have a chance to win a stash of Unity rubba just for commenting on the blog with the blinkie...although I would love to hear from you too!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The end of summer as they {think} they know it

The kid's have been out of school for the summer since Monday at 12:30.  After a pool party Monday afternoon at a friend's house and a trip to Hurricane Harbor water park at Six Flags with friends yesterday, today was the first day I had my 2 at home with me for summer vacation and I am ready to send them back.  Barring the occasional flare ups, I am pretty lucky that they tend to get along so well, but lately they have been at each other's throats and today was the worst it has been in a long time.  Not only that, boy were they needy.  Now, I love to be wanted and feel useful as a mom, but today I was borderline servant and I need to put my foot down.  I don't handle change to my routine all that well either so that, on top of their bickering, was making me think that pulling my toe nails out one by one might be more enjoyable than spending a whole "carefree" summer at home with the kids.   I know that sounds horrible, but it was one of those days.  Please know though that there is no where I would rather be...I love being able to be fortunate enough to be home with my babies.

So I guess some changes are in order.  I figured if I get up early I could pop in a load of laundry or 2 and enjoy a cup of coffee in silence and get my head in the game before the chaos begins.  If I stayed up a bit later I could get a few things done that I can't while refereeing an in-house-mixed-martial-arts-match over who took whose silly bands or who looked at who too long.  I also am a firm believer in schedules (more on that later) and have learned today that I cannot rely on everyone entertaining themselves all summer.  Oh, and I am not a servant, butler, maid or any other description that I currently feel I fall into.  I am a mom, and I am pretty sure the definition is different so, back to chore lists, schedules and organized fun. 

I came across this great idea for chore cards from Melissa over at 320 Sycamore.  I just love her blog.  Seeing as though I have an over abundance of craft supplies...I am going to spend some time this weekend and get those babies all made up and ready for action first thing Monday morning.  I also found some wonderful ideas and advice from another favorite blogger of mine, Shawni over at Life so I am also working on that bucket list and a schedule to organize this chaos before it gets out of control.  My kid's have it pretty easy, but I don't want to spend my summer yelling, jumping between fights and being on the verge of everything just falling apart because I have no control.  I know things will be tough, I know there will be a lot of resistance, but I am prepared to face it head on.  I am also prepared to reward them with fun adventures and treats for helping out and sticking with the program.  I am confident that by instilling this now (as I should have years ago) I am doing nothing but good for my children and our family (and my sanity!)  No one ever said being a mom was easy.  I am giving up on being the perfect mom (is there even such a thing) I am just trying to be the best mom I can be.  I want to enjoy my children to the fullest and somehow I can't in all the craziness...I can take organized chaos so that is where I am headed. 

I will leave you with this quote by Anna Quindlen (thanks again Shawni) which pretty much sums up my goal for the summer for myself and how I view myself as a mother and wife:

 "The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CTMH Jackpot June deal for today

Have you checked out today's Jackpot June deal over at Close To My Heart?  If not, you are missing out...great deals, wonderful products and the chance to win free product on Jackpot mystery boxes galore.  Head on over to check out what everyone is talking about now:

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have a Bloomin' Good Day!

Hello there and welcome to the June CTMH Spotlight Blog Hop featuring Just Blooms Paper Flowers. If you just came from Wendy K's blog you are on the right track If you are one of my faithful readers and are just starting here...keep going (the next blog is listed below) and you will be able to circle through all the blogs right back here to me.

CTMH has 4 different varieties of these fun paper flowers to choose from. They are all perfect for adding that little extra something to your cards or layouts. This blog hop is going to give you a sneak peak of what you can do with them and, you can get a look at them all over on my CTMH site.

In this layout I used a Big Pink (they are REALLY big) and cut it in half. I sponged ink to the center, added a button, some hemp and presto...

These two cards use the White Daisy Variety Pack (and the retired Autumn Daisy...hope you have them in your stash):

and here is another example of coloring a Big Pink (notice this is a different get 16 flowers in 5 different sizes, and a mix of baby pink and white daisy). I used the Juniper re-inker in this case, dipped the flower and let it dry...perfect:

I hope you found something you can use. If you are interested in ordering any of the Just Blooms, contact your CTMH consultant or place an order here.

Thank you for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment, please! Now hop on over to see what fabulous craftiness Kristie has for you today!

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Jackpot June Deal for June 4th!

Grab yourself a whole big box full of wonderful CTMH products at a 50% discount. Hurry - this deal is only good until 10am EST on 6/5.

You can fill your craft room with $80 worth of CTMH for only $40 (plus shipping and tax).

What is inside the box is anyone's guess...but I can assure you it will be filled with popular CTMH product including paper, stamps and fun embellishments. No 2 boxes are alike!

Hop on over to my CTMH site and grab your goodie box sure to come back when you receive it and share with us what wonderful goodies you received!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jackpot June Deal for June 3rd

Take a look at that beauty! Imagine all the wonderful memories you can capture and fun keepsakes you can create! Perfect for summer vacation pics or day trips...or how about documenting your little ones pre-school or Kindergarten graduation...or your big ones High School graduation?

Well - it is yours absolutely FREE ($14.95 retail value) if you are lucky enough to purchase today's Jackpot June item over at CTMH!

Today's sale items are select Level 2 paper packs for $10...yep, $10 (regular $12.95) and shipping is only $.99/item! (applicable sales tax applies). Each paper pack contains 22 sheets of coordinating 12x12 paper: 12 (2 ea of 6 patterns) patterned paper and 10 (2 each colored and 4 neutral) plain cardstock. These kits take all the guess work out of color matching!

The available paper packets are:
Boom di ada
Game On
Perfect Day

One of those 5 items is the Jackpot item....order it and you will receive the acrylic album free. The Jackpot item will be announced tomorrow. There is no limit so order 1, order all (or multiples!) This deal will end 6/4 @ 10am EST! To view the available paper packets or to place your order please visit my CTMH site!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movin' Right Along

*This is my second post of the day...if you are looking for the CTMh Jackpot June deal, scroll down one post.

As I write this post, I can't stop myself from humming the song Moving Right Along from the Muppet Movie. As they say, half the fun is getting there and that is what my post is all about today. I think I have transformed myself into a runner {gasp}. Who would have ever thought that I would actually ever say that, certainly not me. I hate to run. Growing up I was a swimmer so I didn't have to play sports where running was involved. I would get hit playing baseball so I had to walk to 1st base (honestly I was really bad anyway...but that is the excuse I am using) and I opted to have the soccer ball coming at me full force in goal so I wouldn't have to run the field...I hated running. Now, though I actually am becoming quite fond of it.

A few months ago I started the C25K program and went through week 2...loved it and well, all excuses aside I had to start over 3 weeks ago. This is a wonderful program that takes you from the couch to running a 5k in 2 months with baby steps. I am now day 2 into week 3 and up to running 3 minutes straight...might not sound like alot but for a 37 year old who is overweight and hated to is a lot to me and I am tooting my own horn. you are supposed to run that weeks workout 3 times...since 3 minutes is a jump from the 90 seconds of last week, I am chugging right along...but still moving. I plan on doing day 3 on Friday and if I am still chugging will most likely repeat the workout until I have 3 minutes down week I think we up to 5!

Along with the running/walking I am still doing the kick boxing and thinking of adding Jillian's 30 minute Shred in the mornings (cuz I want this weight off...I might as well melt it off with all the exercise!). I am also faithfully tracking and the scale nudged in the right direction last week (which after 4 weeks without a weigh in...I will take that nudge!). Who knows I might be wearing a new summer wardrobe by August. Right now...I am still covering up!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jackpot June Deal for June 1st


As promised I will have the Jackpot June Deal of the day right here on the blog-o. The deal of the day will be front and center each and every day for your quick review.

Today's deals over on CTMH:

$7.00 (plus tax and shipping - $.99/item) for any of the following My Reflections Scrapbooking Kits (that would be a 30% discount...woo hoo!):

Blue Ribbon Level 1
Boom di ada Level 1
Game On Level 1
Majestic Blue Level 1
It's a Guy Thing Level 1

If you are lucky enough to order the Jackpot Item you will recieve a Designer Ribbon Rounds collection in Heavenly Blue and Hollyhock ($15.90 retail value).

All the details can be found on this post.

To view the items or place your order click here.

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