Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lasts, firsts and looking forward....

I can't believe that in less than 7 hours it will be 2009! Unbelievable how time flies. As I look back over the year, I only have one regret...that I don't remember half of it and I didn't enjoy the little things...the everyday things that memories are built on. (Ok, so maybe there are a few more things that I regret, but I really am not going to sweat the small stuff here.) See, I am a sentimental type of person and those little memories are the ones that mean the most to me. So, this morning...jug (yes jug) of coffee in hand I started to think. Not about what I forgot (that is absolutely no use) but of how I can move forward without forgetting again. This brainstorming session led to my goals for 2009. I won't actually call them resolutions, because lets face it...does anyone actually keep those? These are my "List of Things to Accomplish and Focus on for 2009". The list is long but many of them are related to each other and in the end, if all are accomplished the one true goal of being a happier person will be achieved. So, to keep myself goes (in absolutely no particular order):

  • Loose (and keep off) the weight (this is the year!)
  • Finish the house (decorating and updating that is)
  • Get organized
  • Keep a clean(er) house (one I can relax in & be proud of)
  • Enjoy everyday, record the memories & take pleasure in the little things
  • Focus on family
  • Get rid of the clutter (ok, that goes with cleaning & organizing...but trust me, it needs its own bullet)
  • Credit cards are for emergencies...CASH only!
  • Be a better mom & wife
  • Pay down some debt (long term...debt free by 2011)
  • Breathe...don't yell!
  • Complete 100 layouts in 2009
  • Be happy with me
  • Let it go....RELAX!
  • Project 365 (1 picture a day)
  • Work CTMH smarter...not harder (this refers to personal business goals I have set for myself)
So, there you have the looking forward. I am committed to these 16 items and will post my progress regularly (should make for some interesting reading material...). This also relates to the firsts. This is actually the first time that I sat down and thought of what I could do to make my life better, happier and be in control. The first time I took ownership and took a step to stop the out of control whirlwind I am constantly walking into. Now, I need to take action.

So now, to leave you with the "last"....

The last snowfall of 2009. This is a picture of the Kissing Ball my mom graciously hung on my front porch just before my parents went south for the winter. I had to take a picture of it covered in snow as it looked so pretty. I have always wanted one, but could never justify spending the thank you mom. I look at it often (see it is the little things).

This is a picture of my backyard looking from the kitchen. I wish it came out a bit clearer, but it was snowing like the dickens and the back door is blocked from all the snow on the deck. It just looks so peaceful and serene with the snow. Funny that I see it that way as I don't like the snow...see that list is already taking its toll (enjoy everyday)....

I wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year. Enjoy the little things in life, they are afterall what makes it so special....

Until 2009 -

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that and time to refocus....

It has been just over a month since I last posted (bad blogger....) so I thought I should do a little catch up, and a little tweaking of what I post and how. First, I must admit that the main reason I started my blog was to showcase cards and projects for my Close To My Heart business. As I started blogging, and everything and anything got in the way of my creative escapes, I have realized that I want more out of my blog. I have now decided to focus on pretty much everything. For those of you who happen upon my little corner for some creative inspiration - do not fear, it will be here from time to time, but I will also be focusing on family, me, random thoughts, daily stuff and pretty much anything I feel like focusing on for that entry. I do hope that you will continue to check me out and maybe, just maybe, someday I will have a group of followers who actually are intrigued by my life, thoughts and ramblings (a girl can dream....can't she?)

So for those of you who are family, friends, and just the curious stranger (because you are welcome to) the next several posts will be about what I (and my family) have been up to over the past month. When I get scrappy or just crafty again, I will be sure to fill you in.

Have to finish up the shopping now though, so until tomorrow....


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