Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Officially NOT New Year's Resolutions....

Warning...long, long, long post!

Eek! Was my last post seriously December 3rd? I can't believe I have been silent so long...but the whirlwind of the Christmas season swept me off my feet and literally pulled me under. I was up to my ears in shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping, visiting and enjoying this glorious season.

So this being December 29th, I guess if I post some of my upcoming goals, they cannot be considered New Year's Resolutions. The mere fact that I am starting on them now also qualifies them as officially NOT New Year's Resolutions. Not to mention that these were the same goals that I committed myself to in the beginning of 2009....so, doing it at the end of 2009 just means I am keeping the momentum going (or re-starting!)

Anywhoo...last year I posted 16 goals. Things I really wanted to work on during the year, things to accomplish to make my life happier, simpler and more meaningful. Most of them fizzled quickly, some received a bit of tweaking, but this time around I am committed and will update here weekly just to keep me on track. Here are the goals from 2009:

Loose (and keep off) the weight - lost a little, but basically the same 5 lbs all year.
Finish the house (decorating and updating that is) - Big fat nope, but did get a new room due to the great roof collapse of 2009!
Get organized - Double big fat nope, but my piles are at least a bit more organized
Keep a clean(er) house (one I can relax in & be proud of) - started, stopped, and failed at this
Enjoy everyday, record the memories & take pleasure in the little things - improved
Focus on family - improved
Get rid of the clutter (ok, that goes with cleaning & organizing...but trust me, it needs its own bullet) - LMAO! Did I really write that?
Credit cards are for emergencies...CASH only! - Accomplished this! Yeah.
Be a better mom & wife - think I improved, most of the time...still need some work
Pay down some debt (long term...debt free by 2011) - Under control
Breathe...don't yell! Umm...yeah
Complete 100 layouts in 2009... not even close
Be happy with me... getting better
Let it go....RELAX!... ditto
Project 365 (1 picture a day)...if only I knew how to work my camera
Work CTMH smarter...not harder...accomplished

So with 2009 almost behind us and most of my goals in progress or failed, 2010 will be a continuation of the old and a fresh start of these goals that I truly feel will improve my well being (and consequently those around me). Here is my master list of the 14 goals I would like to focus on going forward....

Loose (and keep off) the weight (this is the year!)
Finish the house (decorating and updating that is)
Get organized
Keep a clean(er) house (one I can relax in & be proud of)
Enjoy everyday, record the memories & take pleasure in the little things
Focus on family
Get rid of the clutter (ok, that goes with cleaning & organizing...but trust me, it needs its own bullet)
Be a better mom & wife
Continue paying off debt and using Cash only!
Breathe...don't yell!
Complete 100 layouts in 2009
Be happy with me
Let it go....RELAX!
Project 365 (1 picture a day)

So bear with me as I will be using my blog to keep me on track this year. Look for little updates here and there, mixed in with the usual ramblings (and more of them). I also have a few little surprises coming up including some blog candy and a week long showcase of Unity Stamps the first week of February.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

CTMH Online Clearance Sale

While many of you may know that I am a consultant for Close To My Heart, I don't always openly push or promote it on my blog as I really want my blog to be more personal...less business...a collection of all things crafty (as I will be the first to admit I use many companies' products, I just happen to sell CTMH products). I do however feel it is my obligation to share with everyone a great opportunity when I see it and this is one of those times.

CTMH is currently having an online clearance sale with lots of great product on sale at INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS LOW PRICES! Stamp sets from $2...paper packets from $5 and tons of accessories and embellishments too. Plus a grab bag of over $100 in product for $30!

The sale runs 12/2 - 12/17 and only while supplies last. Orders over $100 will be charge $5 in shipping (orders under will be charged by weight). There are still some incredible deals left but take advantage of it before all the good stuff is gone!

To see all the deals please visit my CTMH site.

Please be patient as the site may be a bit slow at times due to hordes of other eager shoppers attempting to snag a deal.

Happy shopping,


Monday, November 30, 2009

December Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Welcome to the beginning of another month and another CTMH Stamp of the Month Blog Hop! If I am just one stop along your journey I hope you are finding some inspiration for this month's stamp set. If I am starting your journey off today - welcome, sit back, relax and enjoy! You will find a link to the next blog after my projects.

This month's stamp set is Notice the Details (D1378), a wonderfully versatile collection of 41 stamps including images and sentiments. This set is wonderful for scrapbookers and stampers alike. For more info on this set, including how you can earn it for free or at a terrific discount, please click here or contact me. To order this set simply drop me an email or shop online!

Here is the set:

and here is just the beginning of what I did with it. These 2 cards are just too cute and wonderful to send to a friend "just because". I also have some wonderful scrappy pages in mind for this set...now to find those pics (and I promise to post the pages when they are complete).

and here is a close up...notice the detail (he! he!):

I hope I gave you some inspirational mojo! I would love to hear from you so leave me some love! Now hop on over to Shirley Ross to see what she has in store for you!

Have a wonderfully crafty day!


"Today" supplies: Stamp Set ~ Notice the Details, Cardstock ~ Desert Sand, Colonial White (bottom card), White Daisy (top card); Ink ~ Dessert Sand, Cranberry, Black; Ribbon ~ Designer Ribbon Rounds Holiday Collection (retired).

December Stamp of the Month Blog Hop List

You've made it....or maybe you are lost. Below is the list of all the participants on this month's blog hop. It should be one big circle so no matter where you start you will hop around to everyone's wonderful creations.

www.mamaolie.blogspot.com <------ You are here!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Hey there!!!

Can you believe that it is November already??? It seems as if October just flew by (being a long month and all). Hoping this post finds you & your family healthy...the flu went through the kids earlier this week, I have been diligent about prevention for me...as mommy is not allowed to be sick!

November 1st means Blog Hop the CTMH way! Yeah! This month we are featuring the November Stamp of the Month ~ Around the Block (D1377). This great little stamp set is only available until November 30 so contact me...or your CTMH consultant if you are interested in adding it to your collection.

I have a card for y'all today, eventhough I can envision these stamps on a page as well, which is what I originally had planned for today. But, darned if I could find the pictures of our house that I have been putting off scrapbooking until the perfect stamp came along to embellish my page...now I have the set, and the pictures are gone...oh well, I must move on.
Products (all CTMH): Stamps ~ Around the Block (D1377); Patterned Paper ~ Emporium Level 2 (X7105B); Cardstock ~ Cocoa, Vanilla Cream; Ribbon ~ Cocoa; Ink ~ Cocoa, Buttercup; Markers ~ Crystal Blue, Vineyard Berry, Honey; Other ~ sponge, punch (EK Success).

From here you need to continue on to Jena's blog. This is one big circle so no matter where you start you will circle through all of the blogs. If you get lost or hit a broken link along the way scroll down to my previous post for the master list.

Thanks for visiting and I would love to hear from you!


November Stamp of the Month Blog Hop Master List

Ok - so the blog hop will start in just a few minutes - but since there are over 60 blogs to visit there is a chance that you might get lost or have a broken link along the way...so I wanted to post the master list for you. Remember....the hop doesn't start until 2:01 am EST....so don't start hopping before then...you don't want to miss out.

http://www.mamaolie.blogspot.com/ <-------------------You are Here

Grab a cup of coffee...and enjoy!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Using up the pretty paper

Yep, I am using up all the pretty paper. I have SO much paper it is funny. I don't think if I caught up on all of my backlogged scrapbooking projects that I could actually use all of the paper that I have accumulated...and continue to. Not to mention the stamp sets, embellishments, I am sure you can sympathize with me.

So I have been trying very hard to resist the urge to buy more paper and create layouts with what I have on hand. I have put some layouts off because I don't have the perfect paper for those pics (really, I don't) but I have reimagined some of my layouts and am really liking the result.

So today I will share one of those backlogged layouts that has come to life and can be added to the book. These are pics of the first year K took dance lessons (gulp...2003) and they are finally finding their way onto a page. I lifted the first page from the CTMH Autumn/Winter 2008 Idea Book. I actually bought the paper when I saw that layout having these pictures in mind...and am now getting around to creating the page (although I have moved & redecorated my craft room since then...so I do have a little excuse). I haven't decided if I need a title in the right hand corner of the left page (I am thinking black chipboard letters with Dance), I kind of like the blank space as it draws your focus to the pics and the pictures and journaling speak for themselves...I don't know, but I would really like your feedback on this, so please let me know.

Products used (all CTMH): paper ~ Notebook Level 2 paper pack, Colonial White CS, black CS; Ink ~ black; Other ~ Just Blooms Big Pinks paper flowers, Buttons Winter Collection, Designer Ribbon Rounds Black Collection, hemp.

Don't forget the CTMH November SOTM blog hop this Sunday! You can hop your way to inspiration starting at 12:01 am November 1st - right here!

Have a great day,


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh how I have missed thee....

Oh how I have missed my craft room! It seems as if I have not been able to escape to it in so long and I know the room has felt my absence as well, I could tell by the stuff piling up on my work surfaces and the general lack of organization everywhere! Not that when I am creating it isn't a complete disaster, but it is a work in progress disaster, not just a complete mess. So, I cleaned it up a bit and started back to creating. I have set a personal goal to complete at least 2 layouts a week till then end of the year (a far cry from the goal I set back in January - but it will do).

Today, I have a card for you. I love the simplicity of it. I haven't had the pleasure of buying new supplies lately (except for my Unity KOTM) but when I saw this great stamp set in the CTMH Idea Book and some of the ways they used it, I just had to get it. It also went great with the Simple Pleasures cardstock I had on hand.

Products used (all CTMH): Stamps ~ Childhood Reflections; Paper ~ Simple Pleasures Lvl 2 paper packet; Ink ~ Cocoa; Ribbon ~ Cocoa; Other ~ punch by Fiskars.

Part of the reason that I have been neglecting my craft room is that I have fallen in love with another book series that I just cannot put down (it is the Twilight curse all over again!). I just finished the second book (Dragonfly in Amber) and started the third book (Voyager) last night. Each of these novels is page after many page of romance, adventure and historical fiction. If you haven't fallen in love with Jaime and Claire yet, check out the Outlander series today!

Ok - so I don't know why the third book cover is so teeny, but anyhoo.

I have a layout to share with you all tomorrow, and maybe even something on Saturday...but be sure to save some time on Sunday to hop along with me and close to 70 other CTMH consultants as we do our monthly Stamp of the Month blog hop. The November Stamp of the Month is super cute and you can check out all the inspiration starting here with me on Sunday. Posts will go live at midnight!

Have a great day -


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hump Day Confessions

I have to admit (in no particular order) that:
...I am a bad blogger...I try really I do, but....
...I don't have time for everything.
...I put on Dora so I could write this post.
...I had toast with pb and honey on it for the 5th day in a row, and...
...I licked the extra honey off my plate.
...I put off nap time as long as possible in the morning so they will sleep later in the afternoon.
...I hate grocery shopping, but...
...I love to cook and eat.
...I am a disorganized nightmare, and really wish I wasn't.
...I want to decorate my home so badly, but just don't know where to start.
...I am afraid to fail.
...I try too hard.
...I tried to pass off stale graham crackers on the kids because I didn't want to waste them.
...I religously wash my children's clothes, but give my jeans the sniff test.
...I probably could lose this extra weight if I just did what I know I am supposed to do.
...I am too hard on myself.
...I kiss my children goodnight in their sleep 2 or 3 times a night.
...I love to read
...I love my husband and children with all of my heart.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Digging out....

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to put out a quick post so you didn't all think I went awol on y'all again. I am here, have some creative stuff running around in my mind and have a whole bunch of topics I want to blog about - but first....{drum roll please} I am digging out...yup, digging out from the piles of clutter, chaos, paperwork, and mounds of just stuff that is lying around and preventing me from finding my "me time".

I am on an organizing mission and becoming a cleaning freak! So, please excuse my lack of posts for about the next week while I dig out and find my craft room again (I can barely find my keyboard....never mind the computer desk). I am armed with trash bags, file folders, and boxes for the Goodwill. I will recap next week and then hopefully get back into a regular groove - with some CTMH fun and my new Unity KOM coming soon! (oh...got to order some more storage folders too!)

Wish me luck....


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Celebrating Friday with all my Unity Friends with Flair!

TGIF! and...what a Friday it is. Today is Friends with Flair Friday over at Unity Stamp Co. The first 50 customers who sign up during the week get the amazing chance to feature their Unity artwork. Angela has the list of all the participants on her blog.

Be sure to check out all the blogs because one blog has the Friday Flair Blinkie! One lucky visitor will win 25 random Unity stamps just by leaving a comment.

Since I was lucky enough to be one of those 50, I have 2 projects to share with you today.

First my layout:

And the close ups of the fabulous stamps used.
This great journaling stamp is from the May KOTM:

The sun up above is from the July KOTM (which inspired the layout) and the ice cream cone is from the June KOTM.

stamps are all Unity Stamp Co., paper, ink and buttons are CTMH, the sketch is from 52 Sketches (click on the blinkie to the right to check out their fab sketches)

Since I was on a roll (and watching a good movie while I was crafting) I also created this card for a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer (and if you are reading this....don't peak, it is in the mail):

The cute little owl is from the June KOTM, the sentiment from Bevy of Butterflies. Paper, ink and ribbon is CTMH.

Well, that is it for today...have a wonderful Friday and be sure to check out all the other Unity Friends for some crafty inspiration.


Monday, August 31, 2009

OO2, 1st Day of School & some CTMH goodness

hello hello!

Today marks day #2 of Operation Organization (OO2) in my humble little home. The clutter bugs are going to loose this battle....I will prevail {insert evil little laugh here}. My journey began yesterday with about 10 loads of laundry...2 more to go today and I will be caught up...mission #1 - complete.

Mission #2 - armed with my trusty trash bags I am going 1 room at a time. Just picking up and putting away - moving things to the room that they actually belong in and throwing out stuff that no longer needs to be in my home. Stay tuned for more updates.

Today was the first day of school here. K & J are going to a new school this year as their small little neighborhood school closed down at the the end of the last school year. It was old, but it was small and it was home. They are now in a much larger school - but I am sure they will be happy. This is a pic of them walking to the bus stop with the neighbor...K looks so big next to the boys.

and here is the gang at the bus stop:
So with the kiddos off to school...I must get to cleaning, organizing and making life easier around here.

But first, a little CTMH goodness....

The new Idea Book will go live tomorrow and it is filled with great artwork and new product. I will have a link up tomorrow for you to view the book online. But wanted to share some sneak peaks courtesy of some fabulous consultants who have thier act together (and money in their pockets...). You can view all the sneak peaks starting here with TazzyGirl2000 and follow along with the sneak peak blog hop.

This month's special is Everyday Celebration - a card kit collection free with the purchase of $60 in stamps. Wendy did a wonderful job creating the cards in the kit - so please go check out her blog for some inspiration.

And...last but not least, the monthly Stamp of the Month blog hop kicks off tomorrow. There are over 60 consultants participating (I had to sit this one out this month). For some inspiration on how to use September's fab SOTM start with Jenna on 9/1.

Off to complete my OO missions....


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Invasion of the Clutter Bugs!

Have you ever noticed that clutter seems to multiply? I mean, it isn't that I keep adding to the piles (no I wouldn't do that), they mysteriously grow...right under my eyes. It isn't only the one little pile that I "will get to later", soon that one is a mountain with another peak forming right along side it, with a competing mountain range across the room and yet another (or four) in the next room. Is it too much to ask to just be able to enjoy being in my home? To sit down for dinner without cleaning off the table? To watch t.v. without moving mountains of laundry or the entire re-enactment of Indian Jones movies in lego form? Well, I guess so.

I have read books, many books, magazine articles, blog posts, etc about getting rid of or at least controlling clutter. Honestly, for every method I put in place, the clutter seems to come back - double, even triple, it's original size! I just can't win.

So....I am not perfect - there, I said it, I am not. I am not going to strive for perfection - because I am too inpatient and perfection is too far off. I want the perfect house (at least perfect to me), beautifully decorated, impeccably clean, organized and comfortable. A place everyone can relax, but still be able to find things and have a sane mother/wife. So...to me, that goal is perfection. Instead I am going to settle for the road to my definition of perfect, I am going to tackle one pile at a time, one corner at a time, one task at a time, one room at a time, and maybe, just maybe I can redefine my level of perfection and reach a place where I am happy.

So I will settle for clean (not impeccably, but clean), organized and clutter free...which will lead to happiness, comfort and sanity! The beautifully decorated, well that will be one room at a time because some major overhauls need to be done in some areas of the house - but I can work with what we have until we can afford to have the professionals called in - although if I don't get rid of this clutter fast we will be calling in a whole other kind of professional.

So off to tackle today's chaos - the mudroom and then one pile...just one.

Go out a try to have a stress free day!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

CTMH August Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Welcome to the Blog Hop for the August Stamp of the Month! I am so happy to be participating this month and I love this set. Today we are featuring It's Your Day, which is a set of 26 stamps. If you have come here from Kami's blog you are on the right path, if not you might want to go back to Jena's blog to start from the beginning...but don't worry - no matter where you start you should be able to circle through all the blogs.

This month we have 64 Close to My Heart Consultants sharing their creations using this month's SOTM and other great CTMH products on their blogs. If you are new to blog hops - it is real simple, just click on the link at the end of the post on each blog to move on to the next one.

Grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee, sit back and lets go....

My card today was inspired by a card I found in stamp it! cards 2008 by Julia Stainton:

Supplies (all CTMH): Stamps: It's Your Day, August 2009 SOTM D1352 Paper: My Reflections Level 2 Boom-Di-Ada X7095B, Buttercup CS 1271 Ink: Olive z2137, Hollyhock z2128, Buttercup z2110 Accessories: Mini Medley Accents Autumn Garden Collection Z1119 Finished size: 5 1/2" square

Now hop on over to the lovely Karen's Blog to see her incredible work! Be sure to visit all the consultants at their blogs to get those inspirational juices flowing...and remember to leave them some love to let them know you where there!

Remember this great stamp set is only available until August 31, 2009. Contact your CTMH consultant (or me if you just happened upon this post by accident) to see how you can get this stamp set at a discount or even for free!

Happy Crafting!


If you get lost on the hop or find some links that are not working here is the complete list of participants:

Jena DeVries
Kristie Horness-Herdener
Carla Ironside
Deb Young
Alanna Moses
Paige Dolecki
Wendy Kessler
Heather Painchaud
Helen Onulak
Barbra Otten
Haley Dyer
Nona Davenport
Michelle Robinson
Cindy Leek
Melissa laverty
Katy Donaldson
Amy McVey
Tammy Lea Pinchard
Leslie markland
Judy Burger
laurie R. Newton
Kami Welter
Tracy Oleksak
Karen Norman
Chris Shouse
Cibele Glazer
Debra Van Patten
Terrie Dodd
Jamia Bankhead
Anne Beck
Jennifer Patrick
Laurie Levnik
Lori Miller
Brae Montgomery
Dawn Ross
Dawn Slipcevic
Barbara Harris
Carol Taggio
Jill Lucas
Chris Green
Nancy Ball
Dawn Heuft
Kelly Triggs
Beth Naumann
Antoninette Herrin
Jessica Booth
Jen Rubio
Misty Jackson
Adeline Brill
Lori Leng
Pam Klassen
Pamela O'Connor
Jennifer Royal
Caren Goldsein
Shannon Pelletier
Sherry Thompson
Maricar Harris
Traci Godbee
Laura Dame
Miranda Kurz
Leisa Hubley
Julia Menseen
Jan Moxey
Jody Gustafson

Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a Quick Update

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to post a quick update from my post on Tuesday. I mentioned that Unity would be doing a HHH today and I was hoping to get something done for then...well, the Unity crew is over at CHA with limited internet access so HHH will resume next week...bad for those looking for some inspiration but good for little old me that wasn't able to get her layout done in time anyway. Doing these challenges and posts really gets me to make the time to scrap...if I didn't have housework, taxi mom duties, mountains of laundry and all the other endless chores I would scrap the day away! But giving me one more week just means the page will be even better (or maybe I can do 2...what an idea.)

Don't forget the CTMH August SOTM blog hop tomorrow! Can't wait.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey everyone!

I am back and in more ways than one. We just got home this past weekend from a super fantabulous week in Maine. Well, the weather wasn't super but the memories, family time and relaxation was great! I am now caught back up on laundry...the house is almost back in order and I am crafting away this afternoon!

I wanted to do a quick post to let you know some great crafty inspiration that will be coming up this week....no, I will not be posting live from CHA (maybe someday), but there is some great inpsiration to be had this week on the bloggos.

Thursday - First, Unity Stamp Co. will have their weekly blog hop on Thursday where the DT stuns us with their talent. You can hop along Thursday morning here.

Friday - Then Friday morning the Unity customers get their chance to shine during HHH - to check out who is participating you can start here. If I can get my act together, I hope to participate with a great layout that has been in the works for a while now...I just need to finish it up!

Saturday - I will be joining 63 amazing CTMH consultants in a blog hop on Saturday August 1! We will be featuring the August Stamp of the Month - It's Your Day, a wonderful collection of images and sayings to celebrate the special celebrations in your life (birthdays that is!). All products will be CTMH, so if you have some in your stash - this is the place to be...grab some coffee and join us in the wee hours of the morning as all posts should be live by 12:01 am MT...2:01 am EST...(that special time when the house is quiet, no one is up and you can actually have some YOU time!). You will be able to start the hop with Jena and then continue on from there. I will post the list on my blog Saturday in case you get stuck along the way!

Sunday - I hope to have another card posted to take part in a color challenge over at My Favorite things. I am pretty sure I have some papers in my stash this week that Dawn has posted and I have been wanting to participate in one of these for a while now.

So I must get busy....lots of work, and so little time!

Enjoy -


PS - If you are the praying type of person, I am asking you to please say a prayer or a thought for McKMama and her family. I stumbled upon this blog one day from a link on I blog that I follow. This wonderful woman's 8 month old son (who is a miracle baby in more than one way) is fighting for his life and really could use any good thoughts, Karma and prayers we could send his way!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Have a Bright Day!


It is HHH (Hip Hop Hangover) over at the Unity Stamp Co. blog and I am happy to share with you a little card I made using the Shine On! stamp set. If you get a chance, check out the Unity blog today for other great creations featuring Unity Customers.

The Shine On! set is just so cute. I wasn't sure I was going to like the blue ribbon I used on the card because my initial thought was red...but I am happy with how it turned out. One thing I learned is that I need to go ribbon shopping! The more cards I make, the more I learn that I just need ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon (and I have buckets full as it is). I actually saved this piece from something I had purchased recently thinking I could use it. The card is also used from mostly all scraps...the only full sheet I had to cut was the pretty background paper.

I had originally planned on doing a layout last night to share with you, but those plans fell through. First because it was Pizza & a Movie night in our house...and well, we watched Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone (for the 100th time), but there is something about those movies that make me want to watch. I had even picked out my own movie to watch while I scrapped but I will have to pop that in this weekend. The other reason I didn't do the original layout is because I had a stamp in mind, only to find out that I don't own it...yet, but I have everything else all set...so once I do, I can create and share. I will have to find something else to scrap tonight. Good thing my latest copy of CK came yesterday so I can flip through it tonight for inspiration while the kids are at Tae Kwan Do.

Have a great weekend - it is supposed to be warm and sunny here, finally after the rain and cool weather, although I am not complaining about the cool weather - I will take mid 70s over 90+ any day, well unless I am at the beach then mid 80s to 90 is good. We will be joining family tomorrow at my aunts house on Otis Reservoir for a wonderful party and fabulous fireworks.

The Deets: Stamps - Unity Shine On! ; Paper - CTMH Silhoutte Creative Basics; Ink - CTMH; Other - Ribbon Misc, Foam Squares.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!

I am so blessed to live in America. To be a military wife and daughter and to have served in the military myself. I am proud to be raising 2 children to respect their country and those who have served and are serving. To show respect for the flag and the symbols of this great country. They may not understand the whys right now, but they will appreciate it (just as I did) when they get older. I love seeing my hubby leave for work in his uniform every morning...not only because I love a man in uniform (and my hubby looks darn good in his) but because I am so proud of the fact that he is going to work to do what he does for our country, our children and our Freedom. I love the sound of jet noise...we live right near the base and I loved sitting outside this morning with my coffee listening to the sounds of the F-15s taking off to perform flyovers for various celebrations in the area. I stop and pause every time I hear one overhead...almost everyday...that is the sweet sound of Freedom...the beauty of America.

We will be heading over to a friends house for a BBQ this afternoon. We enjoyed our local fireworks display last evening. Despite a passing shower towards the end, they were awe inspiring. I packed a picnic and we enjoyed the evening with some friends. Bob and I even got in an exhausting game of monkey in the middle with the kids! It was fun and reminded me that I need to let go and live a little more often.

I hope you all enjoy your day. I thank each and every military member for their service and each and every military family for your service and support. By the way...my personal hero is the one in the pic above on the right....got to love that guy.

God Bless America,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have a Sweet Day!

Hey there!

Just wanted to do a quick post to share this fun card I made tonight for the sketch challenge over at Split Coast Stampers. You can see the sketch here. These fun cupcake stamps came from a set I won a few weeks ago during the Unity Stamp Co.'s Hip Hop Thursday.

I was also able to create this entire card out of my scrap bins. I have been having so much fun making cards lately using only scraps....and cutting into cardstock for the bases when needed. This was the first challenge that I participated in over at SCS, but I will be coming back for more....it was so much fun and I was able to find some me time in my craft room. Looking forward to some scrappin' time this weekend.
If I don't post again before the Holiday - have a safe and blessed 4th of July!
Here are the card deets:
Stamps: Unity - Mix Up of Cuteness
Paper: CTMH - Cranberry, Desert Sand, White Daisy, Silhouette (patterned)
Accessories: Buttons, Ribbon, Sparkles, Glitter, Foam Squares
Tools: 2" Circle Punch (Fiskars)

2.6 Down and Counting!

So last week I posted that I wasn't sure how my weigh in was going to turn out on Saturday, but lo and behold I stepped on that scale 2.6 lbs lighter (18.4 total)! It is amazing how a loss can change your attitude immensely...I went shopping, yep, I did. I have not bought new clothes in, oh I don't know, years. Sure I have picked up a shirt or a pair of jeans, but never more than 1 or 2 things - just to get me through. My summer wardrobe was seriously limited to 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of capris...plus about 7 shirts, most of which were stained or ripped. Seriously, I felt really bad when I went out and was really self conscious all the time. So after my successful weigh in, I went over to Kohl's which always has great sales and is in the same plaza as my WW center and I went shopping. I really only went in for some new workout clothes and 1 or 2 pairs of shorts...but I walked out with so much more. Not only do I have some more clothes to carry me through the summer in style - I have a new attitude and outlook on this weight loss thing. Yep, I do still have the guilt that prevented me from buying anything in the first place...you know the we only have so much money to spend why waste it on clothes that won't fit me next year...guilt? But, I feel SO much better about myself and I think that is what really counts.

Looking back - really I don't know what was different about this week that gave me that great loss. I expected one the week before and had a gain, so really maybe everything just works out eventually. I know I was right on target for the most part last week, so it goes to show that if you follow the program faithfully (not with your own rules) it does work. So that is what I am doing know...no cheating myself, and I hope to be at goal and shopping for a whole new wardrobe soon.

There will be no weigh in this weekend because it is the 4th - but I plan on stepping on that scale on the 11th even lighter but maybe this time I should celebrate with a smoothie when I get home instead of a shopping trip (oh - until I hit goal - then look out Mall - here I come!)

Don't forget it is Hip Hop Thursday over at Unity - I am filled up with inspiration and ideas and off to my studio for some me time while the kids play at the neighbors!

Tootles -

Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Hero's Son

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a 9 year old boy whose father is deployed to Iraq. As many of you may know military families are near and dear to my heart (growing up in one and raising one right now) - and as far as I am concerned every man or woman serving in our military is a hero in my eyes. It goes without saying that it takes a little something special to be a military family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This amazing young man walked into a house full of almost 40 people that he had never met in his life and fit right in like he was one of the gang. My daughter's Brownie Troop finished their Quest Badge by "adopting" a military family with a deployed parent. Her leader invited the young man and his mother to her home to meet the girls and some friends. The girls and their families embraced this "adoption" and showered him with gifts including movie passes, gift certificates to local restaurants and movie stores, a beautiful quilt, a stuffed lion appropriately named Hero, and many other fun items. The girls even drew a larger picture which was laminated and cut into puzzle pieces, which were put into envelopes to be sent over to Dad with a note each week.

Last night just happened to be this father's birthday so we had a birthday cake to celebrate and wouldn't you know...he called! Yep, it was some insane hour overseas, but he called and we all sang Happy Birthday...now that is some treat! I feel so proud to have taken part in this man's celebration and this little boy's life!

I had the pleasure of creating some cards for him to send to his Dad as our contribution to the pile of goodies. This is one of the ones that I made up. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a pic of the other design before I packaged them all up! {All the deets are listed below my signature.}

I made a bunch of these - alternating different ribbons! They were quick and easy but I love how they came out.

On another note (but related because I got a chance to create) - I have finally finished the office/craft room and had the pleasure of spending the afternoon there on Friday! I think my mojo was lost under the mountains of crud and chaos that piled up when I was stuffed in the dining room corner. Now that I am painted, moved and organized, my mojo has reappeared and ready to take control. I am now free to create in a space dedicated to me and off limits to the kids...they have their own table now so there is no reason to be messing with mine. I can't wait to spend late nights creating...I have so many cards to make and so many pages to fill.

Have a great day!


Here are the deets on the card:
The ribbon is American Crafts...everything else is CTMH.
Stamps - Moments in Time (Jan '09 Stamp of the Month), Say it in Style
Paper - Dessert Sand, Vanilla Cream, Cranberry
Ink - Chocolate, Cranberry

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not so Thin Thursday

Not really in the mood to post this week about my triumphs with weight loss, because well, I wasn't triumphant at all this past weigh in...I went up, again..1.8 lbs. But, this is a journey and lose or gain, I find it therapeutic to actually share my journey with everyone here - almost gives me that push that I need to get back on track.

So, what happened? Honestly I don't know. It was a busy week, picnics, Bob's birthday dinner and hectic during the day so I didn't make all the best choices, plus when I have had a particularly stressful day (lots of those) I indulge in my fav red wine...and that 4 oz, sometimes turns into 8, 12, 16.....how much is a whole bottle? I did run, but not as much as I would have liked...or actually needed to because it has been so rainy here lately.

I have been better this week but I don't know what to expect on Saturday as I have made some less than stellar decisions when it comes to my food intake this week, and only I am to blame. I need to break so many cycles, so many patterns and dealing with one at a time doesn't stop me from eating because of the others. When I am stressed...I eat, bored...I eat, sad....I eat, overwhelmed...I eat, procrastinating...I eat - so you get the picture. I am working on the stress and trying to conquer the feeling of being overwhelmed - all the time, that might help the fact that I want to eat...all the time, hungry or not.

That is the update from the very, very long journey that I have been on. I am finishing out this week strong and on the right track, and Saturday starts a new week, a new beginning, one that I hope will bring the light at the end of the tunnel a little closer.


P.S. For all you crafty people...don't forget to check out the CTMH Deal a Day HERE! or the Unity Stamp Co. weekly blog hop HERE!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The meanest mom in the world....

Today is officially the first day of Summer Vacation in our house! School let out yesterday at noon and today is the first full day the kids are home. We started our new "routine" this morning after I had to interrupt the rules...with rules. We are not even a full morning into summer vacation and already I am mean, unfair and ruining my children's lives...their words, not mine. Boy...that hurt, really but I can not back down on this one. My kids have it real good - they have very little responsibilities around the house, not that I ever intended it to be that way, but the constant "reminding" got old real fast. Sure they have to help out when I ask and a few other set things, but basically, I take care of pretty much everything around here. I figured this would be a good time to change that, for not only my sanity, but to make them responsible young adults. So, each morning, they need to get up, dressed (1st complaint), and do their chores (2nd complaint). I am not talking hours of scrubbing toilets and floors, I am talking 20 minutes tops of little things to help me out...but boy when I told them the first chore...the foot stomping and arm flailing began....and it was only 5 minutes of picking up and putting away all of their stuff lying around the house. After I explained that if the chores were not done completely and happily each morning that they would lose allowance that week and screen time for the day (yeah...limited screen time was complaint #3) the pouting began, but the chores got done.

I have always dreamed of being this super organized, planned person. I live by schedules and lists but right now, my house and life are in a constant state of chaos. If only I could get organized the chaos would be under control and I could actually enjoy myself. I want to enjoy the summer, but even now there is always something to do and I cannot put that nagging little voice to sleep. So...I just sent the kids out the door, to play and I am going to finish this post, to clean...one week, this week is my week to clean this house, organize my stuff and plan a summer full of fun activities...and the not so fun chores for my children to save my sanity.

Will touch base soon with pics of my new crafty space...which is the source of all my chaos right now!


P.S. Today's CTMH Deal a Day is up! Today is a wonderful collection of Rub Ons - a $9.95 retail value free with the purchase of a My Acrylix Stamp Set. The Rub Ons include 3 - 6" x 12" sheets, 1 each of Black, Chocolate and White Daisy. For a picture of the product and to grab your deal today....click here!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deals and Steals from the Stamping & Scrapping World Today!

Ok - so I apologize for the tardiness of this post as the CTMH deal went live at 11:00 am EST, but Blogger and my computer were giving me serious probs today. Good news is that the CTMH deal is good until Friday at 10:00 am EST...and the Unity sale prices are good through Sunday!

First, the CTMH Deal a Day for June is a fabulous 6x6 Memory Showcase for Free (retail $3.95) when you purchase a My Acrylix Stamp.....and shipping is only $3 (which is a deal in itself!). Here is a pic of the 9x9 showcase that I completed...well minus the pics...but it is ready for some!

This accordion album comes in white with 2 sturdy covers and heavy cardstock pages inside...ready for you to alter!

To grab your deal.....CLICK HERE!

And The Unity Stamp Co. is also having a great sale through this weekend. They have great unmounted rubber stamps that you can use your Acrylic blocks with...and some really great images...and prices. Unity is offering 30% off their entire product line this weekend (through Sunday), free stamps for new customers who spend $25 and a 40% off coupon if you are a new customer and were referred by a friend....ummm....yep, that would be me! Just enter my name and email with "I am new" in the comments section at checkout. All the details can be found HERE or HERE...and don't forget to check out all the great artwork the DT has for you by starting HERE...if you have trouble with the blog hop, go HERE to get the list because blogger was having some issues.

Hope you find something inspiring...I have to go do laundry....


Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's Deal

Just a quick post to let you know what today's deal is on My CTMH website. This fabulous collection of Designer Ribbon Rounds - Ric Rac can be yours for free when you purchase a My Acrylix Stamp Set - and there are 100s to choose from! Plus shipping is only $3 - can't beat that!
To grab your deal, get all the details, and browse CTMHs very large inventory of stamps....CLICK HERE!
For those of you stopping by to check out Mojo Monday...well, I don't have anything today....I have Mojo...lots of it, but my scrap & stamp corner is buried under mountains of stuff right now. Yes, it is time to clean, but I am also in the process of moving back to my scrap room, which I am in the process of painting. Once that room is done and I am set....I promise you will be overloaded with crafty stuff because my Mojo is ready to explode! I have some great ideas floating around in my head (from all the crafty ladies I blog hop to each day!).
Ohhhh.... I will be giving away some blog candy in the very near future. With the process of moving into the new space and organizing what I have, I realize (just now????) that I have too much stuff and would love to give some of it away to a lucky reader or two. All the deets will be posted as soon as I am organized.
So - I will be back tomorrow with Tasty Tuesday and some yummy stuff to share....until then,

Friday, June 12, 2009


TGIF! It has been a long week. But I wanted to recap, fill in some blanks, and share today's CTMH Deal a Day.

First off is the CTMH Deal a Day for today (6/11). You can receive a 12 yard spool of White Daisy Ric Rac free with the purchase of any My Acrylix Stamp Set (excluding Stamp of the Month and Custom Stamps). I used the White Daisy Ric Rac on the layout above of my daughter. You can grab your deal a day and all the info HERE! I have all the supplies I used listed at the bottom of this post.

I missed yesterday's Thin Thursday update, but will report that I had minor setback on the scale this past Saturday. I went up 2 tenths of a lb...which I really am not that upset about. I am happier to report that I can almost run an entire mile, I am eating healthy and my clothes fit looser - so we will see how the numbers play out tomorrow.

It has been one hectic week! JT was home 2 days with a stomach bug...although he felt fine, I couldn't send him to school with his "issues". It was rainy and he was bouncing off the walls being couped up all day...oh this was just a sign of how long of a summer it will be...I am already planning out activities.

The kids had school spirit week at school. Monday was PJ Day, Tuesday School Colors Day, Wednesday Wacky Tacky Day, Thursday Crazy Hair Day and today was theme day...I sent a Power Ranger (Disney Character) and a Martian (Outer Space) off to school today. It was days like today that I am so glad I am a paper crafter...all my supplies really cam in handy making alien eyes and planets today. I really wish I had gotten the camera out on Wednesday to snap some pics of Kelsey - she looked so funny in plaids, stripes, argyles and her UGHs (with shorts!) - but I did manage to snap some from yesterday...so I will leave you for this weekend on a CRAZY kind of note!

Supplies (all CTMH unless noted): Paper from Boom-Di-Ada Level 2 My Reflections Kit, Stamps: Cottage Floral; White Daisy Ric Rac, Craft Buttons, Holiday Collection, Color Ready Alphabet Stickers, Hollyhock Ink, Cocoa Ink, Barn Red Ink, Olive Ink; Hemp; Green Ric Rac (from Walmart).

Have a great weekend -


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check out this Blog Candy!

Just a quick post to let y'all know about some great blog candy being given away by Melissa over at Creating from the Heart. Check out her blog for some wonderful crafty inspiration and let her know you stopped by to be entered into her giveaway. Hurry - she is drawing the name on Friday afternoon....you have got to check out what she is offering up....HERE!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CTMH Deal a Day for Today 6/10

What a deal! For the next 23 hours only you can grab a box full of CTMH product at 1/2 price. That is right, for just $40 you can get approximately $80 worth of popular CTMH product of your very own. What is inside is a surprise! Shipping is only $6 in the continental US. This offer is good from 11:00 am (EST) 6/10 until 10:00 am (EST) 6/11 - when the deal will change.
Don't let this great deal pass you by....CLICK HERE to grab your Great Goodies Box Today!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nothing says lovin'.....

If you are looking for the CTMH Deal a Day (and some scrappy goodness) please see the post below this one!

You know the saying...Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven....well, my oven has been runeth over with muffins. I got on this muffin kick recently, maybe because I am so hooked on Desperate Housewives that I have watched Seasons 1-3 over the last 2 weeks (rented them from the library and waiting for season 4 to arrive!), or I have finally started going through all my past Cooking Light issues and found some great recipes, I just don't know.

Anyway I started Muffin Mondays for the my husband and the guys in his shop. He works a funny schedule where they are only in every other Monday, so on his work Mondays - they get fresh baked muffins. So for my Tasty Tuesday entry, I thought I would share the recipe my husband requested from his childhood - his mom used to make these bran muffins for him and they are really good. This recipe makes ALOT of muffins, the best part is...the batter stays good in the fridge for 6 weeks! So mix some up today and bake them up fresh each morning!

Six Week Bran Muffins
Mix in a very large bowl or 8 qt kettle the following:
1 box (15 oz or 8 cups) Raisin Bran
3 cups sugar
5 tsp baking soda
2 tsp salt
5 cups flour

Add in the following and mix well:
1 qt buttermilk
1 cup oil
4 beaten eggs

Fill cups 1/2 to 2/3 full and bake at 375 for 20 min*. Store remaining batter in fridge for up to 6 weeks. (Note: the recipe calls for 20 min, but mine were done at 15 min. )

Enjoy...they are even better the next day!


CTMH Deal-a-Day for Today (6/9) & some crafty fun!

Check out the deal-a-day today! You can get this great packet of Metal Rimmed Tags in a terrific flower shape (a $4.50 retail value) for FREE - when you purchase any My Acrylix Stamp set (custom and stamp of the month excluded). Plus shipping is only $3 - now that is a deal in itself!

You can get your Deal-a-Day - plus more info (all the legal mumbo jumbo) - HERE!

I love using these tags (they come in circles and squares too). They can be stamped on, colored, embellished with small items like brads, rhinestones or stickers. Here is a layout I did awhile ago using the circle tags. I added dimension by adhering them with 3-D Foam Tape. Sorry about the images - it is rainy here today and my lighting is off!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to come by tomorrow to see what the deal a day is!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deal-a-Day the CTMH Way!

Wow! Two posts in one day...must be a record for me!! But seriously, I couldn't pass up letting y'all know about the promotion CTMH has going this month.

Every day at 11:00 (EST) a new Deal will be posted on consultant websites. The deal will differ every day (get it - deal-a-day) but will be either a huge discount (like 50% or more off) a goodie box of products (with discounted shipping) - or - buy a stamp set, get a free gift (with only $3 shipping). You can only get the deal on a consultant website so if you are interested in checking it out - please visit mine at tracyoleksak.myctmh.com (don't put the www first or you won't get there!) You can click on the image on the home page to see what the deal of the day is....but, I am also going to post the deal each day here (along with my regular posts which will appear below the deal-a-day post).
Deal-a-Day for June 4, 2009 (from 11 am EST 6/4 - 10 am EST 6/5 only):
Grab a Great Goodies Box for $60 (+ tax and $8 s/h). What a steal....for just $60* you can grab a surprise box full of great CTMH product valued at approximately $120. The offer is only avaible for 23 hours (see times above) and only through a CTMH consultant - so if you want to grab your very own Great Goodies Box - please click here now to order! and Thank you!

3.4 Down

I suppose that happy dances are the thing for me to be doing...because I have...all week! I had a tough week last week with my obsession with food. When I am out of my element, I tend to let go of my good intentions and eat...eat like there is no tomorrow. Last week with it being a holiday week - I thought for sure my weight loss plans were going to suffer. We attended 2 picnics had one late night fast food run and a retirement party. I was as good as I could be, ate what I really craved and skipped everything else....well, something I did was right because I am 3.4 lbs lighter for doing so (yep...whoooo! hooo!).

So with that great news, I trudged on and really started working at this. When I got home Saturday from my WW meeting, I put on my running clothes and out I went. I ran...high from the thrill of the great victory at the scale and can run almost 1/8th of a mile...almost...the whole way. I know..it is only 1/8th mile, but to me, that is a victory in itself. It has been a long time (a very very long time) since I last ran and I only did it because I was in Basic Training and had to do it, but now I am at it again...a whole lot older, a whole lot heavier and with all those extra jiggly parts...it hurt...like hell. But, off I went again on Sunday and Monday...took a break on Tuesday, and off again on Wednesday. My short term goal is to work up to run a whole mile....long term is to complete a 5K. But the whole benefit of putting my body through this torture is for health and weight loss...and to loose a few of those extra jiggly parts...you know, the ones that shouldn't jiggle.

So...keep those fingers crossed for me. I have been tracking my points, being honest with myself (I do have to admit that I haven't always been honest on this journey...but I realize it isn't going to work if I am not), eating healthy and yummy foods, and exercising, so I expect my adventure at the scale Saturday morning to be a happy one. Stay tuned for next Thursday's update and I hope to be back with some fun stuff on Mojo Monday.

Take care and stay positive,


3.4 down....41.6 to go until the new and improved me!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Doing a Little Happy Dance!

Just a quick post to let y'all know that I won yesterday's little treat over at Unity Stamp Co.'s Hip Hop Thursday Blog Hop....yeah!...yep, doing a little Happy Dance here! If you haven't joined Unity for their Thursday Blog Hop and Chit Chat in the Unity Forum over at SCS - you have to make a point to get there next week.

Every Thursday, the Unity DT hosts a blog hop showcasing some great artwork...cards, projects, pages...I add so many of them to my Idea File each week. Plus there are prizes! Leave a comment on the last stop on the hop and you have a chance to win Unity goodness each week - plus, if you join the chit chat in the Forum there are even more giveaways ($300 worth a week if I am not mistaken!)

So, I was the lucky winner of the treat for posting a comment on the last stop and I won the Mix up of Cuteness Stamp Set - I can't wait to get my hands on it and ink it up:

Isn't this set the cutest? The pic is linked to Unity Stamp Co.'s website, so click on it if you want to see more great designs.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still holding

Hello! With Monday being a holiday, my week has been topsy turvy and a bit of hectic. So funny how one day can throw off a whole schedule. Anyhoo..I have returned for a Thin Thursday update with some Monday Mojo and Wildcard Wednesday all mixed in....bear with me.

First, I was trolling my Twilight sites this morning and found this great spoiler (although it really isn't a spoiler if you actually have read and love the books). Some crafty fan set filming pics to music of the fountain/plaza scene in Italy. It is really quite well done and makes me ever more excited about the New Moon movie. You can watch the montage by clicking here. Oh, and the official movie trailer comes out in 4 days! Yeah!

Ok - so now onto my weekly update with the battle of the bulge. I want to thank those that made kind comments last week - you really motivated me knowing that others are struggling, have struggled and are interested in my struggle. Some how it makes it easier for me to stay on track when I think others are holding me accountable for it. I know, I know, I should be doing it for me (which in reality I am) but any mind games I can play help.

So where am I? Well I weighed in this past Saturday and surprisingly stayed the same. I say surprisingly because I fully expected a large weight gain and was ready to start over. But now, I can just move forward. I have been pretty focused this week, but it has been hard. We had 2 picnics this past weekend, I was stressed out (which causes me to eat) yesterday and a retirement party tomorrow. Things have been pretty much focused around food that I don't have control over, but overall, I feel that I have done very well - after all, this isn't a diet, this is a lifestyle change and if I plan on staying thin (when I get there) with my lifestyle, then I should learn how to loose the weight with it...because the lifestyle is not going to change. I weigh in again on Saturday, so stay tuned for updates next week.

And finally, a little bit of Mojo Monday (just 4 days late). I made up these cute little cards the other day. See below my sig for the products used.

Oh - and don't forget to check out the Unity Stamp Co. Blog Hop today. That is my dose of weekly inspiration every Thursday, the DT is a talented bunch of ladies. Start the blog hop by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Products used: Patterned Paper/Cardstock - CTMH Let's Get Together My Reflections Kit, Stamps - CTMH Cottage Floral, Say it in Style. Embellishments - Ribbon, Brad (CTMH Garden Green Bigger Brad).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Therapy Thursday

First, I will apologize as this post might get long as I start to rant and rave, but I will do my best to keep it short and sweet. I have been having a bit of a hard time thinking of something to actually write for Therapy Thursday as my intent was not to have a b*tchin' session going on each week. So, I figured, I would have my own sense of Therapy and share with you a long journey that I am on....my weight loss journey, so for the time being, Therapy Thursday will be Think Thin Thursday and we'll see if confessing my problems with food each week to, for the most part, strangers will help me along this journey that has seemed to take a permanent detour south. I will try to keep this as witty and fun to read as possible, and I do hope you come along for the ride, for my own selfish reasons, as I think I might actually finally lose the weight if others are waiting for me to do it.

So let's start at the beginning. I have never been the skinny kid - ever, but I wouldn't consider myself obese either (although medically I do fall into that category...ugh! that should be enough). I am tall, and hide the weight well (years of practice), but weight has always been an issue with me. I can remember as a kid being in the locker room before swim team practice and the other girls laughing at how many rolls I had (they weren't skinny minnis either) or the time the older girls up the street were calling my little sister Lovey and I answered and their response was "we said Lovey, not Tubby." I have been on every diet conceivable since I was old enough to remember and it seems that my weight is everyone elses concern, which is why I think I have such a hard time just loosing it...there is a lot of baggage there.

I have been a member of Weight Watchers for 2 years now and was doing rather well, until I fell off the wagon. Recent comments by my children who thought I should go on the Biggest Loser - or my son who said I was pretty but out of shape, have reaffirmed my commitment to this journey. I do have to say that my husband has never said a word about my weight, but did refer to me once as a "larger woman" - yikes. So now, I am taking you all along with me. I am not brave enough to post my current or goal weight (ok, I do have some pride), but I will tell you that I have 45 pounds left to loose. I go to meetings on Saturday morning, but will post on Thursdays as I will be able to update you on how my week is going.

I would love feedback - positive, negative, etc. I am putting this whole journey out there to shame me into finally loosing this weight. I want to be thin, for health reasons, family reasons and frankly vanity reasons - I want to be hot! - but I love food and have a problem controlling myself around it. I have tried loosing for me, my kids, my husband, my parents...but I always go back to my old habits. So now I am going to try opening up my personal pain to strangers and going public to see if being accountable to my readers will make a difference...you know what, I think it will, and that is all that matters.

So thank you all for reading - and wish me luck.



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