Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Digging out....

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to put out a quick post so you didn't all think I went awol on y'all again. I am here, have some creative stuff running around in my mind and have a whole bunch of topics I want to blog about - but first....{drum roll please} I am digging out...yup, digging out from the piles of clutter, chaos, paperwork, and mounds of just stuff that is lying around and preventing me from finding my "me time".

I am on an organizing mission and becoming a cleaning freak! So, please excuse my lack of posts for about the next week while I dig out and find my craft room again (I can barely find my keyboard....never mind the computer desk). I am armed with trash bags, file folders, and boxes for the Goodwill. I will recap next week and then hopefully get back into a regular groove - with some CTMH fun and my new Unity KOM coming soon! (oh...got to order some more storage folders too!)

Wish me luck....


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