Monday, August 31, 2009

OO2, 1st Day of School & some CTMH goodness

hello hello!

Today marks day #2 of Operation Organization (OO2) in my humble little home. The clutter bugs are going to loose this battle....I will prevail {insert evil little laugh here}. My journey began yesterday with about 10 loads of laundry...2 more to go today and I will be caught up...mission #1 - complete.

Mission #2 - armed with my trusty trash bags I am going 1 room at a time. Just picking up and putting away - moving things to the room that they actually belong in and throwing out stuff that no longer needs to be in my home. Stay tuned for more updates.

Today was the first day of school here. K & J are going to a new school this year as their small little neighborhood school closed down at the the end of the last school year. It was old, but it was small and it was home. They are now in a much larger school - but I am sure they will be happy. This is a pic of them walking to the bus stop with the neighbor...K looks so big next to the boys.

and here is the gang at the bus stop:
So with the kiddos off to school...I must get to cleaning, organizing and making life easier around here.

But first, a little CTMH goodness....

The new Idea Book will go live tomorrow and it is filled with great artwork and new product. I will have a link up tomorrow for you to view the book online. But wanted to share some sneak peaks courtesy of some fabulous consultants who have thier act together (and money in their pockets...). You can view all the sneak peaks starting here with TazzyGirl2000 and follow along with the sneak peak blog hop.

This month's special is Everyday Celebration - a card kit collection free with the purchase of $60 in stamps. Wendy did a wonderful job creating the cards in the kit - so please go check out her blog for some inspiration.

And...last but not least, the monthly Stamp of the Month blog hop kicks off tomorrow. There are over 60 consultants participating (I had to sit this one out this month). For some inspiration on how to use September's fab SOTM start with Jenna on 9/1.

Off to complete my OO missions....


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