Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The meanest mom in the world....

Today is officially the first day of Summer Vacation in our house! School let out yesterday at noon and today is the first full day the kids are home. We started our new "routine" this morning after I had to interrupt the rules...with rules. We are not even a full morning into summer vacation and already I am mean, unfair and ruining my children's lives...their words, not mine. Boy...that hurt, really but I can not back down on this one. My kids have it real good - they have very little responsibilities around the house, not that I ever intended it to be that way, but the constant "reminding" got old real fast. Sure they have to help out when I ask and a few other set things, but basically, I take care of pretty much everything around here. I figured this would be a good time to change that, for not only my sanity, but to make them responsible young adults. So, each morning, they need to get up, dressed (1st complaint), and do their chores (2nd complaint). I am not talking hours of scrubbing toilets and floors, I am talking 20 minutes tops of little things to help me out...but boy when I told them the first chore...the foot stomping and arm flailing began....and it was only 5 minutes of picking up and putting away all of their stuff lying around the house. After I explained that if the chores were not done completely and happily each morning that they would lose allowance that week and screen time for the day (yeah...limited screen time was complaint #3) the pouting began, but the chores got done.

I have always dreamed of being this super organized, planned person. I live by schedules and lists but right now, my house and life are in a constant state of chaos. If only I could get organized the chaos would be under control and I could actually enjoy myself. I want to enjoy the summer, but even now there is always something to do and I cannot put that nagging little voice to sleep. So...I just sent the kids out the door, to play and I am going to finish this post, to clean...one week, this week is my week to clean this house, organize my stuff and plan a summer full of fun activities...and the not so fun chores for my children to save my sanity.

Will touch base soon with pics of my new crafty space...which is the source of all my chaos right now!


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