Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movin' Right Along

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As I write this post, I can't stop myself from humming the song Moving Right Along from the Muppet Movie. As they say, half the fun is getting there and that is what my post is all about today. I think I have transformed myself into a runner {gasp}. Who would have ever thought that I would actually ever say that, certainly not me. I hate to run. Growing up I was a swimmer so I didn't have to play sports where running was involved. I would get hit playing baseball so I had to walk to 1st base (honestly I was really bad anyway...but that is the excuse I am using) and I opted to have the soccer ball coming at me full force in goal so I wouldn't have to run the field...I hated running. Now, though I actually am becoming quite fond of it.

A few months ago I started the C25K program and went through week 2...loved it and well, all excuses aside I had to start over 3 weeks ago. This is a wonderful program that takes you from the couch to running a 5k in 2 months with baby steps. I am now day 2 into week 3 and up to running 3 minutes straight...might not sound like alot but for a 37 year old who is overweight and hated to is a lot to me and I am tooting my own horn. you are supposed to run that weeks workout 3 times...since 3 minutes is a jump from the 90 seconds of last week, I am chugging right along...but still moving. I plan on doing day 3 on Friday and if I am still chugging will most likely repeat the workout until I have 3 minutes down week I think we up to 5!

Along with the running/walking I am still doing the kick boxing and thinking of adding Jillian's 30 minute Shred in the mornings (cuz I want this weight off...I might as well melt it off with all the exercise!). I am also faithfully tracking and the scale nudged in the right direction last week (which after 4 weeks without a weigh in...I will take that nudge!). Who knows I might be wearing a new summer wardrobe by August. Right now...I am still covering up!

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