Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Watchers Wednesday

hey there!

It is that time of the week again...a little update about my life long struggle with those few {ok, many} extra pounds. I honestly have not been able to get to a WW meeting in a few weeks now so I can't really report the progress that the scale shows, because I don't even own one! I can tell you though that despite not getting weighed in, I have tracked and stayed on plan and am moving right along...or so I hope. We will see, I should be able to get to a meeting to weigh in on 2/8 (good thing I have that 3 month tracker!)

So without anything new to report, I thought maybe I would share with you how I am keeping on track. Simple, I eat! I have found that eating every few hours really helps curb the feeling of being hungry. I also drink alot of tea...something about just holding the cup and sipping the tea not only brings me comfort but keeps me fuller longer.

I have also found that advanced planning is the key to my weight loss. I am not a "wing it" type of girl. If given the option I will eat and not even consider what the best choice is for me - I will eat what I want, I don't have the will power to say no when it comes to food. I have started doing a monthly menu. Not just dinners, which I have always done because I really can only go to the grocery store once a week, but also my breakfast, lunch and snacks, that way I know what I am eating and how many WW points I am eating in a for me.

I have had so many people ask for my menus or tell me I should do one for them. That is a great idea in theory but I very rarely make easy things like mac n' cheese or something that I could just list and have people figure out on their own. Like I said, I don't wing it...I cook from recipes, sure I might alter it a bit to fit my family's taste or make sure it is healthy, but I couldn't put something like Ancho Pork & hominy stew with jalapeno cornbread or Szechuan green beans with ground pork down and expect anyone to be able to follow my meal plan without recipes...and I am NOT typing all those out. So, since I really do want this blog to be a little bit of everything I am going back to posting a fav recipe once a stay tuned to see what tasty treat I will be highlighting next.

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