Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacationland Part 2

I figured the follow up to my first set of vacation pics was long overdue.  Boy, the time gets away from one very quickly when you get back to the craziness of summer, plus back to school shopping and on top of it JT started football which is consuming much of our time.

So before another week gets away from me, let me share with you the rest of our vacation pics

This is "the taco" aka The Stealth 5...all I know is that it is a 45' tall hydro half pipe that is the scariest thing I have ever been on (and haven't since the first time I was goaded into it 3 years ago).  Kelsey loves it and rides it over and over again...she is my dare devil:

She also is a lover of all things bacon and would eat it exclusively if I let when we found this shirt in Portland, we had to take a pic:

and of course we needed a pic of Treehouse Toys.  We discovered this toy store 9 years ago and have made it a tradition to stop in and buy something for the kids each and every year.  I think this may be the last year though...JT remarked that he was too old for the toys that they have now {sigh}.

Our last day was overcast and threatening rain so we headed to Old York, ME.  Growing up as a kid we spent summers in York Beach just a few miles down the street and I never remembered coming here, although I am sure we did...the kids loved the one room school house dating back to 1745:

the really old cemetery

and the old gaol (how jail used to be spelled).  This building served as a prison from 1790 to 1860 and is one of the oldest public British buildings in the United States.  What was even cooler (at least to me) was the fact that many of the displays and information related back to the book series I am reading right now (The Outlander series) so it was even more I was in the book (which would be so cool...if you have read the series, you know what I am saying...)

We found this old wharf (more pics to come on my landmark and house post soon).  I loved the buoys and tried to get a pic...but at least this one captures my two obnoxious loving monsters children at their best.

We then drove down to Short Sands Beach in York, ME to show the kids where I spent my summers.  We had to take them to Fun-o-Rama to play some arcade games and skee ball.  They had a blast and it brought back tons of memories.

this is where we begin and end (with lots of trips in between) every summer vacation.  The best ice cream shop.  It is still set up like a old time soda fountain inside, with the exception of little booths and tables around the shop instead of stools at the counter.


I snapped a whole bunch of pics of cool buildings and homes that I would love to own and will post them later.

Have a great day ~

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Linda said...

Well I love to play seek ball too! I wishes I could fine game for the cumptuer that I play seekball angin lol


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