Monday, December 12, 2011

The Christmas cards are done

Modern Christmas Christmas
Seasons greetings with personalized Christmas cards from Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.
Every year I tell myself that I will have the pictures done and the cards out early.  Every year I wait until the last minute and end up paying extra to get them to me so I can mail them out in time for the 25th.  But, every year, I don't really stress about it.  It seems more and more people are opting out of cards (evidenced by the decreasing number we receive each year) or sending them late like me.  I attempted to print at Walmart, CVS or Walgreens this year to save postage and take advantage of 1 hour processing, but wouldn't you know it none of the designs worked right with my pictures (mostly orientation issues) so I went with Shutterfly because I usually have good luck with their quality and shipping speed.

So, for those of you not on my mailing list (which I have paired down this year as well).  Please enjoy our Christmas card and have yourself a merry little Christmas.


PS - I am working hard on my December Daily and hope to take a break from baking, cleaning & wrapping some time this week to post my first few pages.

PPS - Shutterfly is not endorsing this post nor have they asked for my opinion.  I did receive a $10 credit from the site for opting to embed my purchased card onto my blog, I am pretty sure anyone can receive this by doing so as I had the option after my purchase.


stitchintime said...

Oh my gosh - love your card. The leg lamp from A Christmas Story is just classic.

Meg Giroux said...

Tracy that card is just hilarious!!!!! I just bought the leg lamp nightlight, lol!!!!!

Merry Christmas my friend hope to see you soon!!!!!!


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