Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Suffer from Disorganizationitis

Ok, so I know that disorganizationistis isn't a real disorder (or is it?) but if it was I really would suffer from it.  I am always getting down on myself because it seems like I have a never ending to do list that never gets done (sound familiar).  It is a never ending circle...I can't seem to accomplish anything because I always feel like my house is a mess and my house is always a mess because I can't get anything done.  I think one of my main problems though is that I don't finish what I start.  I jump from project to project, task to task without really finishing anything.  I am a keeper of the never ending to do list but what I crave is the ability to cross things off.

Since August is right around the corner (yikes!) I have decided to start the month fresh and try to focus on five tasks/projects a week.  Some will be bigger than others and I am sure that some will get moved into the following week but if I can prioritize five things to focus on (along with my other daily duties and of course my creative detours) I might just be able to start checking them off.

I have decided to post my five weekly tasks/projects each Sunday and update my progress each week.   This way, I am being held accountable for putting it out there. 

So here is my weekly top 5:

1)  Start catching up on Project Life 2012 - I won't even mention how far behind I am as that is another post in itself.  I do want to mention though that as I look at the weeks that I have completed I love the outcome and really, truely do not want to give up on this project.  I have some work ahead of me but I will push through and conquer. (Watch for my epic PL catch up plan post coming soon)

2) Pictures from 2009 - My computer is ancient and running out of space.  It is so bad that I can't download any of my new pics from my camera because there is no room!  I need to tackle moving old pictures from the computer onto a external hard drive and DVD (plus print them...yikes!).  I have a huge post in the works on my process for this but first I need to free up some space.

3)  Pictures from 2008

4)  Finish The 19th Wife  and start a new book - I probably should finish due to the fact that it is already 2 weeks overdue.

5)  Clean the Craft Room/Office - this one gets a task all to itself as opposed to cleaning every other room in my house because this room is out.of.control.  There really is no excuse....except the mess is a good excuse as to why my PL is so far behind...I cannot function in chaos!  I would post a before picture now but I there is no room on my computer!

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