Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly top 5 list: progress and reality

Last week I posted about how I needed to focus on getting things done during the week and limiting my "to do" list to five items per week.  Well, I made progress but I also decided that it might be easier for me to make a list of 10 - 12 items I would like to accomplish during the month and pick and choose what I can accomplish at any given time.  In reality, I would have loved to sit down and accomplish each item on my list before moving on to the next, but that just isn't going to happen...I love my sleep too much and that seems like the only time I can get things done lately.

Here was last week's list:

1) Start catching up on Project Life 2012 - In progress.  I have completed eight half done weeks this past week so I am up to week 13 completed.  Now I am moving on to choosing and printing pics for week 14 to current (or maybe break it into smaller chunks).  So happy with what I have so far and I will post as soon as I free up room on the computer.

2) Pictures from 2009 - not started
3) Pictures from 2008 - in progress.  Almost done purging/renaming and ready for transfer to disc.

4) Finish The 19th Wife and start a new book - Completed and moved on to Fall of Giants by Ken Follet.

5) Clean the Craft Room/Office - In progress (but far from done).  I filled up 2 large trash bags and started purging my craft supplies.  I have a very large box full of CTMH stamp sets that I will be posting for sale soon.  I still need to go through my paper and my Unity Stamps.  Most of my old CTMH paper I will be donating but as I start scrapbooking more (because I have the space) I will be selling grab bags of current paper/items that I just won't be using.

So I have made progress but haven't really checked anything off the list.  So I made a list of 13 items to accomplish in August (and since we are already going into week 2...I know some of these will end up in September too...but at least I am planing ahead).

1)  Project Life 2012 - become current
2)  Pictures 2008 - complete
3)  Pictures 2009 - Complete
4)  Clean/purge office
5)  Box Tops - I am the school coordinator and I have a huge box that I need to review and submit
6)  Box Tops Bulletin Board - I also maintain the school progress board
7)  Kelsey's room - finish redecorating
8)  Master Bedroom & Hallway - paint trim
9)  the great magazine purge
10) organize recipes
11)  scrapbook more - use up 3 kits (?)
12)  Read...Fall of Giants, Insurgent, Discovery of Witches (I have a week at the beach coming up so this will be done!)
13)  remember to breath, relax, smile and be happy!

I might update along the way with pictures of Project Life, or layouts or hopefully Kelsey's big bedroom makeover reveal, but I really want to focus on accomplishing at least half of my list before the end of the month so I can add more items from the master list for September. 

What is on your "to do" list this month?

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