Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can I get 3 1/2 seconds....please?

Today seemed like it would be a slow day and I desperately wanted to get some housework done, a little scrapbooking...or at least prep for a crop on Friday night...and update the blog. Well, I managed to pick up the living room, no scrapbooking or prepping and well, it is 11:09 PM EST and I am updating now. Forgive any run on sentences or misspellings...I am tired.

I really wonder if children have radar and know when you are busy doing something. They can be sitting playing or watching tv all morning long and the minute I get up to do laundry, pick up, or use the bathroom for that matter, they need me - right then and right now. Needless to say, I was needed ALL DAY long today. I was frazzled and needed to go for a run and then have a drink (the stiff kind....). Well wouldn't you know, by the time DH came home, dinner was made and cleaned up from, it was dark - and I won't run in the dark because I am so afraid that I will be eaten by a bear...they are hungry ya know. I couldn't have that drink either because of the silly trail mix I had to have last night. I follow Weight Watchers (27 lbs down and counting - toot my own horn here), so it is Tuesday and I only have 6 bonus points left for the week - the trail mix happened to be 11 1/2 points....but worth every stinking one! So in order to have a beer or one of my new yummy frozen concoctions I had to run to earn activity points. Well, that didn't happen, so I hopped on the computer instead, while the rest of the family watched a cartoon. Low and behold, not 5 minutes later, I hear shrieks from upstairs. JT was having a breakdown because only Mommy could brush his teeth, not Daddy, just Mommy.....so, there goes my first 3 1/2 seconds of "me" time all day. I love to feel needed, really I do, but everyone needs a bit of time to themselves (at least I think this is true), and I don't take that time often (guilt, laziness - not too sure...) and now I think I dug myself a great big ol' hole.

On another note - Friday I am attempting to take some of that "me" time and scrap at the Scrapbookers' Crop Room. I can't wait - it has been sooo long since I actually went out to scrap. I am trying to prep my projects so I don't bring my whole room, have pics ready, and actually get something done, and not sit there for 6 hours staring at the wall (it has been known to happen). So this weekend I hope to post something creative.

In the meantime, here is a pic of the four of us (my step daughter stayed home to work) on vacation in Maine a few weeks ago and one of Bob (my DH) with the kids - I just love this pic, he is such a great Dad!

Ta! Ta! - I am going to bed, in search of 3 1/2 seconds of me time.....


Sarah E. said...

Hello Love! What a fab update and I totally hear you on the me time. I just sat down tonight to watch the Olympics and wouldn't you know, I hear snarls and screams, the next thing I know we are in the ER for 4 hours. I will fill you in later today. Congrats on Weight Watchers. I have lost a little on it but I am at a standstill now. Love the pictures too! I hope y'all had fun in Maine!

Love you!!!

Nevis said...

Beautiful photo by the lighthouse!

Sarah E. said...

Hey sweets, there is some love on my blog for ya. Check it out! XOXO

Laura said...

3 1/2 seconds? isn't that a little much to ask for??? ;) thanks for coming by my blog!!!


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