Monday, August 25, 2008

Who ever said Golf was boring?

Ok, so I probably have once or twice. I really have never minded playing it because I have only ever played tournaments, and well, those are just fun ( read....drunken fun). What I am talking about is watching golf on tv. It has always been part of my television viewing, my parents are both golfers, my grandpa was a golfer, my husband is a golfer and now both of my children are getting into the sport (although they still won't watch it on tv) ~ so it has been on the tv and I just went about my business, not really paying attention to it. That was until a few years ago when I discovered Sergio Garcia. Now, I believe he is the answer to many a woman's question to her husband "Do we have to watch golf again?"......YES!!!!! Oh my does he make this game intersting.

Funny thing is, my husband has been told he looks like Sergio on many occasions, even before we knew who Sergio was and by total strangers. There are many similarities, especially the profile, but only when Sergio has a hat on. So that takes a bit of the guilt of gawking at this beautiful man, with my husband in the room, away....Sergio is just a dreamy version of my husband...but anyhoo....

So I am sure he is good, he won the Players earlier this year and came in second yesterday in the Barclays during a sudden death playoff (can you tell I am paying attention?). He could have won too if it hadn't been for that stupid bird that caught his ball and carried it over to the trees and dropped it near the hazard...yes I firmly believe that he can do no wrong and this is really what happened....And he has made nearly $4 million in 2008 alone.

But I don't actually watch the game for his talent - I watch for him (kind of like I don't actually watch football unless Howie Long is at the Sports Desk). I can say however that as long as he is playing I could never say golf is boring....that little Spanish hottie has finally made me find the true love for the game....

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Sarah E. said...

I love Sergio!!! I was on pins and needles during the sudden death! I thought he should have won. He deserved it! :)


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