Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down....

Are you singing it yet? "when the walls came tumbling down, when the walls came tumbling...." I have been since about noon today and not because I am a Def Leppard fan or anything...but they really, truly did...or I should clarify that the roof came tumbling down.

Yep, you heard me...the roof.

Today's picture is not what I wanted for the picture of the day...funny thing is, I was outside getting ready to take the intended picture of the day when I got sidetracked by a very loud noise. Thinking that the snow on the roof of the garage had finally melted and fallen off due to the heat wave we have been having, I moved out of the way so that I didn't get caught in the avalanche when it fell off the front. After a few minutes, I realized the snow wasn't moving off that roof and went into the house to see if the snow fell off the back...I didn't get far to realize that the noise was snow falling - but not off the roof...but with the roof - right into my house!

We have a screened in sun porch off the back of the favorite place to read a book in the Spring, Summer and warmer Fall nights - especially in a rain storm - well, that porch does not exist as it did just this morning with that I give you 042/365:

and a couple more for a better view:

This one is from my bedroom window. Pretty huh?This is actually from on the porch - a great view of the Hot Tub - now doesn't that look inviting?

We are waiting for the Insurance Adjuster to call...keep your fingers crossed that we can claim this and have it fixed. I am impatient as it is - a need it done now type of girl - and waiting for Spring for this monstrous mess to be cleaned up is going to kill me...I just hope we don't have to foot the whole bill.



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