Friday, February 13, 2009

Can I have this dance?

Last Friday was the annual Father/Daughter dance held in our town. Bob and Kelsey have gone for the past 5 years or so. It is their special time together. Moms are NOT allowed anywhere near the building. I love helping Kelsey pick out her dress and doing her hair (although it doesn't last more than 15 minutes when she starts bouncing around). Kelsey's best friend has been going with her Dad over the years as well and her little group has since grown.

I hope these will be memories that she will remember for ever because she will always be Daddy's Little Girl.

Note: As I have been a bad blogger and Project 365 poster, this picture is actually out of order...but then I have skipped a whole bunch anyway that I haven't please, excuse my tardiness...just this once.


Other great photos from the night:

The Hair

The beautyand the corsage

It was a fairy tale night for my little princess.....


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