Wednesday, March 10, 2010

detaching the ole' feed!

ahhh - today would be wednesday right? my dedicated day to update the world on my weight loss journey. honestly? i don't have an update because i have not attended a ww meeting in some time {sigh}. that being said, i don't think i have inflicted that much damage by not being held accountable by the hunk of metal in front of the desk, but i don't think i have made too much progress in the loss category either.

i will be returning to my meeting next weekend, back on track. i have a goal, quite a lofty one i might add, but never-the-less, an obtainable one if i kick my fat butt into gear and start following the program. spring clothes shopping is right around the corner and i will have a new wardrobe come may 1...and then summer clothes shopping right behind that and since i own 1 pair of shorts and chucked the 2 pairs of capris i lived in last summer (they were falling off then) i really need to buy a new summer wardrobe as well...or i could hide in my house until fall but that ain't happening. so since i refuse to buy a new wardrobe at the size i am now, i suppose i need to remove the feed bag from the front of my face and start this program over!

ok, thank you for indulging my rantings...

i am off to the store soon to buy another pair of jeans. i live in jeans and currently down to 2 pairs because my fav pair split (from wear, they were actually being held on by a belt). the second pair is saggy and i am in a smaller size in the other pair, so what the heck...i have coupons, the store is having a sale and i am keeping the fingers crossed that the smaller size is not a fluke and i can happily say i lost a pant size!

i will keep you posted and hope to share a weight loss soon!

enjoy your day ~


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