Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oh me, oh my I {heart} these shoes!

I have this thing for shoes...as do most women.  Problem is I don't get the chance to wear funky or fancy shoes often.  Being a SAHM I am mostly in bare feet/socks (so I always have a nice pedicure!) and when I leave the house flip flops or sneakers.  I suppose I could slip on a fabulous pair of heals with my jeans when I go out...and yes, I really would like to, but then there is my wardrobe...that would need to change to accomodate the funky shoes I would love to wear.

As I have mentioned previously I am trying ever so hard to loose weight.  My goal is to have a new, fun, totally me wardrobe by October...I know I can do it, I am busting my behind to get this weight off and I have already warned my husband that he is going to have a problem on his hands once I do get it off 'cuz I am going shopping and filling our "shared" closet with clothes.  Maybe for once, I will have more than he does!  Oh...and once I get that wardrobe the weight will not come back on!

So I came across these super cute shoes (and a few others) that I really must have to go with the super cute wardrobe I will have come October. 

Although at $130 & $148 I really can't justify and will be scouring the mall and internet for something similar and much cheaper. Please let me know if you see anything like this for at least 1/2 the price tag!

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