Monday, July 26, 2010

one of "those" rooms {makeover monday}

do you have one of "those" rooms? 

a room that could be beautiful? should be beautiful? could serve a purpose? you once loved?

a room that has become an unorganized monstrosity? a free for all? a gathering place for all misplaced or homeless items?  a room that you run to shut the door of real quick when the doorbell rings?

I do, I do!  and I am not ashamed (ok, well, I am, maybe just a little, ok...alot)

In fact most of the rooms in my house are disorganized and cluttered (to me) or just plain not finished (ie., needs some serious cosmetic updates or decorating mojo), but this room...this room is the grandaddy of them all.  It has accumulated everything and anything from what belongs in here to things I have no place for or don't have a home for yet.  It is a transitional room and it drives me nuts.  Fortunately it has a door that I can shut...unfortunately the Air Conditioner for the 1st floor is currently in there so I can't shut the door is my office/craft room so I am in it often (although at the moment I couldn't even find a space to create on).

It used to be beautiful.  I used to be functional.  I used to love this room.  Then life happened.  Paper piled up, school projects came home, other home improvement projects ate up my time, supplies for a quick card or my last blog hop never got put away, the kids needed something...etc., etc. and now this room is a mess!

So...this is what I give you for my first Makeover Monday (technically I already made it over with paint and window treatments but now it needs a good organizational makeover so it works):

Ok, so that gives you a view from the door, looking in.  The desk is just as bad piled with things to file and purge.  And lurking near the closet is even more wayward items.  I showed you the pile of stamps because I have plans for these...oh yes I do!

Ok, embarrasing I know...but I also know I am not alone (I have seen your rooms too...) This is my project for the week.  Purging, filing, organizing, finding homes for items, purging again.  I will share my progress (hopefully completed) next week...then on to the next disaster room.


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katie said...

I love your honesty. I have a similar room. We ended up replacing a mirrored closet door with a natural drape (new from Bali blinds). It was a great update and I can now put all my junk in my nice looking closet- its still just as unorganized but at least it looks better!


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