Thursday, October 21, 2010

an 8 year olds perspective on marriage

I have some of the best conversations with my children.  They have changed over the years from them asking me "why?" to now me asking them "why?' (or silently smacking my brain around trying to figure out their reasoning).

My conversations with K are usually intellectual and she actually educates me on the wonders of the world. She is one smart, creative & talented cookie and that head is just busting with knowledge. I do have to say that every now and then she pops up with something I wasn't ever asking me the other day if 5th grade is too young to date (yikes).  We worked through that one together and it was a special mother daughter converation that I hope she feels comfortable to have again with me.

My conversations with J are normally very entertaining.  Don't get me wrong, he too educates me by sharing tidbits he has learned in school, or about the zillion different lego characters ( he knows them all as we have graduated from Thomas the Tank Engine trivia).  But that kid's mind is unique, purposeful and extremely imaginative.  Some of the things he comes out with, you need to just stop and wonder how he ever drew that conclusion (and sometimes what myself and Mr. Olie are teaching him). 

This morning before school we were having a conversation about Dick and Rick Hoyt.  They are an incredibly inspirational father and son team.  I couldn't do justice to their story so if you haven't ever heard of them, please take the moment to visit their website and read their story...just have a box of tissues ready. 

They Hoyts are local.  As a child I knew who they were. My husband was in high school at the same time Rick was.  Mr. Hoyt was a member of the same Air National Guard unit my father worked for.  I had the privelege of experiencing their story, witnessing their story.  I also had the privelege of working with Mr. Hoyt when I became a member of that same unit, he is an incredible person.

Two years ago we were sitting as a family watching Epcot's The American Experience at Disney and lo and behold the Hoyts went running by in the film.  My husband and I just looked at each other, mouths open...I guess I live a sheltered life, I didn't know they were THAT famous.  This lead to a wonderful conversation with the kids about the Hoyts. A little internet research and a few YouTube videos later, my children had a wonderful appreciation for this family.

Fast forward to this morning. 

J - "hey mom, you know that really cool man that runs everywhere pushing his son in a wheelchair?"

Me - "yes, the Hoyts?"

J - "yes.  Mrs. P (his teacher) knows them because she used to work with his wife at Kamp for Kids (a local camp for children with disabilities) when she was in college."

Me - "really?  Did she talk about them in class?"

J - "yep.  She also had a picture of him.  I can see why he is married."

Me - "I know JT, he is a very nice man, but why did a picture show you that?"  (ok, racking my brain...trying to figure out his logic)

J - "Well, he might be nice, but he is married because man his abs are ripped".

Note to self....never try to figure out his logic.

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