Friday, October 1, 2010

Life these days....

is a little bit crazy and a whole lot of hectic all wrapped into one pretty little package.

I guess when you have one of these

and one of these

that is the way it is.

But, I wouldn't want it any other way. 

I wouldn't want to not make a last minute lunch for my child who loves pizza day, but changed her mind last minute for fear of going hungry because the green beans look like mush and the salad is wet and contains some substance that is well, not food (her words).

I wouldn't want to not help my child wash with baby wipes in the car as the bus is pulling up to the bus stop because eventhough he showered and apparently applied deoderant his smell wasn't quite right this morning.

I wouldn't want to not load up 4 kids into the car and drive over to the school in the pouring rain because my child forget her instrument, despite warning her that morning to not forget it because I wouldn't bring it in.

I wouldn't want to not have to count to a bajillion each and every time I sat down with my child to do his homework because even before he looks at it the tears start and he just doesn't get it...eventhough once we get started (25 minutes later) he is doing it just fine.

I wouldn't want to not have to do the countless other things that come with being me; being a mom to 2 wonderful children; being a wife to an amazing man who puts in long hours so I have the opportunity to stay home and care for our home and children. 

I want to do these things because it makes them happy, it makes me happy and I love the life I am in right now.

I want to do these things because that is the kind of mom I am and I am darn proud to be.

Happy October 1st!


PS...Melissa over at the inspired room is joining a few other bloggers for 31 days of inspiration on a few different subjects (decorating, doing more with less, cleaning/organization, photography, etc.).  I will be following along each day with them to make my home more inviting, my life more fulfilling and hopefully my photography more appealing.  Stay tuned as I will post about my 31 day journey of embracing and finding peace in my life and my home in 31 days.

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