Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weight Watchers Wednesday...and fashion (or lack of it)

Ok, so this isn't really a post on weight loss, well maybe it is.

Last week during my obsession with reading blogs I happened upon (again) Lyndsey at the Pleated Poppy.  Besides having a cute store and fabulous blog she does a great linky party on Wednesday's titled What I Wore Wednesday.  The whole concept started when she decided to take a little more pride in her appearance and put a little more effort in her wardrobe choices each day.  She posts pictures of herself each day during the week and indicates where the clothing came from (which is great btw....guess I need to check out Target more often!)  Then other people link up and do the same thing.

Ok, bear with me...this does have something to do with Weight Watchers Wednesday, promise.

So, being the ultra unfashionable person that I am (I won't buy new clothes because I don't want to be at this weight) I thought this would be a great opportunity to start taking pictures and posting them to show a transformation in myself...until I took the first picture.  I happened to be wearing a super cute top and a pair of jean shorts (to the knee).  I felt great in the outfit and super cute...until I took the picture.  Holy Moly!  Who the heck is the fat chick and why is she in my picture?????  Honest, the top is super cute, just not on me!

I know I haven't been following WW perfectly (ok, not at all) and I have slacked on my running a bit (no time and too hot...yes excuses, but it is what it is) but my goodness I didn't think I blew up that fast.

So, I know what I want to wear, I feel my style and it is calling my name.  I have poured over catalogues, cut out pictures, dog eared, tagged and circled magazines...checked out some of the super cute moms on Lyndsey's hop and now...well, let's just say that if those styles even came in my size, I wouldn't dare wear them, because it just wouldn't be fair to the clothes!

So, I am on a mission, I have a goal...I want to join the linky party!  I want to shop for new clothes (before the Spring line is in and the Fall/winter line is out).  So this past Saturday was a new weigh in, a starting over point (I did say the school year would bring about a new me).  Wish me luck and I will faithfully update my progress.  yeah, I know I think I have made similar statements before but I never had a picture staring me in the face of what I really look like...I am scared, sad, embarrassed, ashamed...alll the above...but I am ready to change.  There is a skinny chick inside me screaming to get out and I need to quit shutting her up with cookies.



Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
Just wanted to say that you are beautiful no matter what your size is, and you deserve fun, cute clothes now! I have always been someone who has said "I'll buy some new clothes and look cuter once I lose a few pounds", and my mom always reminded me that once today is over, it's over. So go for it and buy some cute stuff now - just my 2 cents worth...


jennibell said...

Wow, what an honest post and something that you can come back and visit when you need some accountability. Funny that I would stumble upon this this morning. . .I found a skirt in my closet that I wanted to wear (I'm getting my fall clothes out) and I COULDN'T BUTTON IT! Ugh. I knew I had "gained a few" over the summer and my other pants have been a bit "snug" but. . .wow. . .couldn't button. So, it is going to be my accountability skirt (it's wrap-around so I can see progress) and my goal is to be able to button it by Christmas. I'm thinking I'm 3" off now? I will come back to cheer you on. . .pictures *are* worth a thousand words, aren't they?


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