Friday, January 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing week #2: Taming Towels & Toiletries

I am following along with Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie and attempting to control the chaos in my house week by week.  I am on week 2 and making progress! 

I shared how I organized my DVD storage area underneath the entertainment center here.  That was week 1 (although I am just now getting to posting it). 

Week 2 I organized the linen closet.  I didn't take before pictures but I can tell you that it was a mess.  I was shoving towels in there, sheets never fit and kept falling off the half of shelf I had to store tham on and extra bottles of shampoo and soap would attack me everytime I opened the door. 

I bribed the hubby to install 2 more shelves (the bottom was just an empty area where I piled blankets and sleeping bags which equaled a big old mess) and I bought some clear containers at Walmart to organize toiletries.  After seeing the final product though...I didn't have to follow through on the bribe...the final result was reward enough.  It is amazing how much extra space I have and my only cost was $12 for the containers because we had the ply wood on hand.

Unforuneatly because of where the closet is positioned in the hallway I cannot get a full length shot without rotating the camera and for some reason blogger keeps flipping the photo on me.  The other shelves are folded towels and sheets.  If I can tweak a new pic, I will post to give you the full view.

The plastic containers hold:
1) extra deodorants and bar soap.
2) toothpaste and tooth brushes. 
3) first aid kit, band aides, etc.
4) summer stuff (sunscreen, aloe, foot powder)

I plan on labeling them at some point, but since they are clear and you can see what is in them easily they are working for now.

On the top shelf are 2 baskets I had in there before that were overflowing with everything I ended up putting in 4 plastic containers.  One holds feminine products and the other holds all of my nail polish, emery boards, etc.  The blue plastic basket holds my iron and accessories (water fill cup, starch, a lint brush and static guard.  My laundry room (or washer and dryer becuase I don't really have a room) is in the basement so I prefer to do the ironing in my bedroom.

Things don't fall on me anymore and I the door actually closes without having to shove things in.  Plus I can see what I have and need.

Oh and please ignore the splash of white on the trim...let's just call it a sneak peak of what is to come!

Next week we are on to the snack cabinet...stay tuned.

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