Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Project List

Happy New Year!  May 2011 bring you peace, love & joy.

Previously I posted my list of  goals for 2011 (you can view it here).  Many of them had to do with cleaning, organizing and turning my house into a home...(which I believe will in turn aid me in accomplishing most of the others that deal with becoming a better person and embracing the life I was given).  Great to have these goals down on paper, but I needed a plan.  So here is the list that will help me accomplish some of my 2011 goals, at least the ones that deal with organization, clutter, and making my house a home.


This list is loooong. However, in all fairness, this list is a comprehensive brain dump of everything I would like to accomplish or at least start this year.  It is by no means a list of everything I would like done around here but some of those big ticket items like gutting and remodeling the kitchen, moving walls, refinishing basements, residing the house, etc. etc. are for another year...paying off debt comes first.  These are projects I (with a little help) can do myself (with the exception of the bath remodel which we will hire out for).  For those projects that are blog worthy I will post in progress and completed pics.  For example,  I will not update you on cleaning out my email or organizing my favorites folder but I will gladly share with you my staircase, kitchen, bedroom, etc. transformations.

So for accountability reasons (and probably for no ones reading pleasure) here is the be updated regulary {I hope}:

  • paint trim (whole house)
  • paint front interior door
  • paint/refurbish interior doors
  • finish sofa table
  • paint kitchen / wall decor
  • replace remaining light switches
  • paint JT's baseboard
  • touch up JT's walls
  • paint/refinish stairs
  • window frame
  • paint fireplace cover
  • picture wall in living room
  • paint upstairs hallway
  • fix living room ceiling
  • touch up kitchen ceiling/office ceiling/walls
  • clean/organize/decorate office
  • clean/organize office closet
  • magazines read/purge
  • organize magazine clippings
  • purge cookbooks
  • organize recipes
  • print pics/develop film
  • stamp storage (boxes./organize)
  • organize pics on computer
  • back up pics on external hard drice
  • purge email
  • purge/organize my docs
  • purge/organize my favorites
  • establish & maintain filing system
  • clean/organize garage
  • clean/organize/purge basement
  • redecorate master bedroom
  • strip paper in Dining Room/paint
  • replace Dining room blinds
  • redo upstairs bath
  • redecorate Kelsey's room
  • refurbish desk for Kelsey's room
  • organize spice cabinet
  • build pantry
 The planning is done....let the projects begin.

to be continued....

edited 1/6/2011 - I am linking up this project list to Nester over at the Nesting Place (one of my fav blogs for ideas on making a house a home).  Please take a moment to head on over there, check out her blog and the fabulous other blogs that are linking up to her 2011 Home Goals Linky party today.  For those of you visiting from the Nesting Place...sorry there are no before pics...I have already started to tackle the list...there will be pictures a plenty as I muddle through...I invite you to come back often to see my progress and hopefull pick up some ideas and inspiration.


Sarah said...

That's quite a list there Mama. :) Very ambitious! Love the new blog header by the way!!!

Claire said...

Hi-found you on a homedecblog search!!I'm your newest follower-come on over and visit!

Tori @ said...

I have some of the same 2011 goals!!! Good luck to you! (and me!)

sarah said...

A tip for any yahoo email users or those who's email has a title of from that you can click on....when you click on it, it sorts all your email in your in box alphabetically. The nice thing about this is that you can easily go through an check all of the emails you get from say target or walgreens, those type of emails you sign up for but don't always want to read, you can delete in one easy step. It really does make purging emails so much easier.


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