Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear blog

Dear blog,

I have not forgotten you.  Really, I haven't.  I have been super busy around here with life.  I could tell you about it, but, then I would get buried even deeper.  So, we will have to catch up real soon.  Promise.

You know me...quality, not quantity (well except if you are talking about the piles of clutter I am digging out of...yep, that sure is quantity over quality because I have come to realize that it is all crap-o-la.  Crap-o-la I need to sort through, but crap-o-la nonetheless.).  I would so much rather share quality stuff with you than a bunch of useless dribble. 

I have some projects started, some crafty stuff in the making and some pics to edit, post and tell you about.  But, life is happening around me too quick, and I need to be there right now.  Things around the house are a bit too out of control for my liking.  I need to catch up on everything I need to do in order to be where I want to be, do what I want to do.  That means letting a few things slide. (side note:  family time is NOT one of those things.  Tons of snow=great skiing=lots of family time=one happy mommy!  more later...promise.)

We are not through though, I couldn't bear to part with you.  I just need to refocus and take things slow.  I promise to visit at least twice a week until I can reach a point where I am at a comfort level with everything I need to do around here. You know, get organized, create a schedule to keep on top of my mommy/wife duties, and still have time to be a mommy/wife.  I am not a nice person when things are so crazy around here, and I really don't like being a not so nice person.  Once I have things a bit more under control,  I can devote a bit more time to you my friend.  If by some miracle there happens to be a few extra hours snuck into the day, or I am not so dead tired at 9pm when I actually get some down time, then things might change quicker.

Please don't miss me too much.  I will be around soon with fun stuff to share....promise.


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jennibell said...

I hear ya on the blog thing. . .it's great to keep up but a time-consumer for sure. I'm glad I take the time to work on it, but it's usually time then that I'm taking away from something else (like sleeping tonight). I try to also see my blog as a journal for my family and for myself. To not forget the "little" things. But I'm right there with ya -- balance. Twice a week is an ambitious goal I think! Hope you can do it, if you really want to. Sounds like life is keeping you busy and I'm guessing that a busy momma is a happy momma! Don't stress yourself out!!


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