Thursday, February 24, 2011

the beginning of the week

We are in the middle of February school vacation right now.  We really didn't have any special plans for the week, just sort of winging it.  I had grand ideas of us all pitching in and cleaning and organizing the house all week, but as I sit here and write this post I have realized that plan just isn't going to happen.

So here is a recap of the week so far in list format because I don't have pics until Wednesday (another post):

Monday -

  • hubby was home from work for the day so we took the kids to see Gnomeo & Juliet.  It was a really cute movie (despite me hoping we were out of the cartoon movie stage).  I do have to say though for a G rated movie that the adult humor in it was not very well 8 year old picked up on a few things I kind of wish he hadn't.
  • we then spent a ridiculous amount of time in Dick's Sporting Goods where Bob dreamed of spending money we don't have on golf equipment he doesn't need.  The kids and I played on the exercise equipment (that counts as working out right?) where I tried to think of creative ways to come up with $1500 so I can buy a treadmill (which by the way I really do need).  In the end, JT walked out with a baseball glove and I got 2 really cute pairs of socks on sale (although I really need a new pair of running sneakers to wear the socks in...and oh yea, the treadmill to run on)
  • by this time it was too late to go home and get the kids to Tae Kwan Do (that was their evil plan) so we went to Olive Garden (and I pouted because Bob wouldn't let me go into Raymour & Flannigan to price up new   bedroom furniture or a dining room set...I have evil plans too).  Dinner was yummy but it threw my whole weight loss thing out of whack...note to self: DO NOT go to an Italian resturaunt when on a no carb diet, and really DO NOT feel that since you already blew it then having a slice of heavenly lemon cake is ok....(see now if I had that treadmill...)
Tuesday -

  • nothing, zilch, zip, was an uneventful day.  The kids hung out and watched a movie (afterall I should allow them one day to rot their brains out in front of the tv right?)  and I did laundry, picked up, did the menu/grocery list, balanced the checkbook, and started to clean the craft room (oh how I miss thee).
to be continued...

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Kim said...

ahhhh...February vacation. I miss that. We go from Christmas to Easter without a break. I grew up in the north where we had midwinter break. I miss that opportunity to go skiing. Or to a movie. ;)

Cracking up at your Dick's comments. My hubby can spend all day in there too. Then he comes home w/all kinds of weird things we never use.


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