Friday, March 11, 2011

Ten on Ten...March

I am all about learning how to use my silly camera this year.  I had dreams of buying the thing, turning it on and just knowing how to use it.  Not happening.  I am a smart girl, really I am, but this photography thing with all the settings, F stops, white balance, ISO etc. etc. really confuses the heck out of me.  I will not however turn that dial to the dreaded green square (I didn't pay $800 for a camera to use the auto function!).  So in my quest to learn how to use my camera I have found some great photo challenges, projects, assignments, etc. in blog land and on facebook.  I am trying out the ones that I like and attempting to get a little more comfortable with my little camera friend (who apparently needs a name...)

I am super excited to have found this great little photo project over at a bit of sunshine .  The concept is to capture the beauty woven throughout your day by taking 10 pictures for 10 consecutive hours on the 10th of each month.  Being the scatter brain that I am, I didn't exactly get 10 consecutive hours....but, hey at least I did get 10 photos (that are not taken in the same hour!).  I will definetly be back for this one in fun!

The 10th of day in pics

7:30 ish...morning visitor out the kitchen window

9:00 ish...a little Mickey Mouse Club House


3:45ish...can I run on fumes???

5:45ish...traffic {grrrr} but great alone time with the kiddos...

6:30ish....pure heavenly goodness {Shamrock Shakes}

7:30 ish....screen time for the kiddos, quiet time and a great book for me
(photo courtesy of JT)

8:30ish...bed and reading time for the kiddos

Kelsey and her kindle:

The book JT and I are currently reading together:

9:22 (exactly)...can't wait for bed and the hubby to get home from work

check out the other ten on ten sets or link up here:


Pamela M said...

This TOTALLY just made me want a Shamrock Shake!!!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Oh my - that shamrock shake looks divine....

marla said...

lovely view out the kitchen window!
and for reals...i need a shamrock shake now!

Kim said...

Your lunch looks yummy! And oh so healthy! Do the Shamrock shakes taste like anything different? Or are they just vanilla dyed green?


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