Friday, March 18, 2011

the wearing (& eating) o' the green

St. Patrick's day is a well celebrated holiday around these parts.  I am extremely proud of my Irish heritage and while I try very hard to have my kids embrace both sides of their heritage (my husband is Slovak) the Irish just seems to win every time.  I like to make it fun around here come the 17th, but not too crazy (because afterall we are lucky enough to be Irish all year long).

Yesterday was no exception, starting with a visit from our friendly house leprachaun who visits each St. Patrick's Day to perform silly little shenanigans in the house (our leprachaun DOES NOT leave gifts...that is reserved for Santa and the Easter bunny).  However, our leprachan does turn things the toilet water and our milk.

Our food tends to turn green as well.

Especially when you have cute little leprachauns in training mixing up your pancake batter

yummy breakfast fit for a leprachaun

dinner in the making

 Those were supposed to be rainbow waffles.  I got the idea from Kelli over at Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM!  I saw them and just knew I had to make them they were soooo cute.  Let me rephrase that...Kelli's were sooooo cute, mine on the other hand looked like a tye-dye expirement gone horribly wrong.  The kids at least liked them, and appreciated the effort.

it just isn't St. Patty's day without a Shamrock Shake...then again, it really hasn't been a day in March around here without a Shamrock Shake. Hey, they only come around once a year, I think I can justify the excessive consumption (read - obsession) with that point alone.

and because the Shamrock Shake was consumed with dinner we had to have dessert too! Once again, Kelli came through with a great idea for me with her Leprachaun Jello...this one actually came out perfect and was really, really yummy despite being made with lime jello 

in my opinion, it just isn't St. Patrick's Day without a corned beef sandwich...
since I don't like waffles I skipped them and got my corned beef fix
(since no one else here will eat it anyway...really, they don't know what they are missing)

Hope your St. Patty's Day was full of Shenanigans!

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