Sunday, March 13, 2011

grab a beer & look at what i did last week (link up)

So excited to be joining Kimberly this week in a brand new linky party so...

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Can't say last week was very exciting or blog worthy for that matter.  Then again, I really don't usually think my life is blog worthy which is why I don't post as often as I would like to.   I guess I have to make an effort to have the camera out more capturing those really fun moments (trust me we have fun), that is after all one of the reasons I remember the everyday fun moments not just the big events.

This week's assignment...make next weeks weekly recap better, but since it is not next week, and it is this goes (and if you are a reader..thank you...some of these pics are repeats, but that is how the week went):

Started off the week with a little partying, corned beef and Irish dancing at Irish Night at the Sons of Erin (a local Irish club I belong to).  Got to be proud of that Irish heritage.


Welcomed a new "friend" to get me motivated every morning at 5:50 am on the days that I am not going to the gym (which is pretty much every day).  She has been hanging out in the DVD cabinet for awhile now...I finally decided to face my fear and just do it.  Although lifting my arms for the rest of the week has become a chore.

{photo from}


Had a few too many of these this week (although in my defense I counted them as dinner and Jillian really did kick my butt).  If you haven't had a Shamrock shake from McDonalds yet...what are you waiting for?


Spent a good few days trying to rationalize with the kids why the fox that has been visiting us in the morning can not live in the dog house and be our new pet.  And furthermore, if I don't think the dog house is a good idea, it is definitely not a good idea for Foxie Moxie (so he/she has been named) to take turns sleeping in their rooms.


Turned this:

into this:

and received lots of love, hugs and kisses.  But the best reward, it has stayed that way all week long! Of course telling him that if I have to clean it again it will be with several large black trash bags and a trip to the dump probably helped.


Felt a little bit older when my 11 year old asked if she could wear a little mascara. I agreed to a little on the weekends but not to school. Felt even older (and just like my mom) when I used the old..."I don't care if every one else is, everyone else is not my daughter" line.


Spent a good portion of Saturday with Kelsey at an antique store I have been wanting to check out. I went in looking for a specific piece that I didn't find. We did leave with 2 old coca-cola bottles (that I have no clue what to do with) and I saw a bunch of items I would love to have if only I had a place to put them. These photos aren't great but imagine the possibilities...

oh large rusty kitchen wall would love you!  but for $325 I just couldn't.

love this...
my parents have the same one at their house in dad's man town...
always wanted it when he was ready to part with it.

two old cameras (and a cool lantern thingy) for a fraction of the price that PB is asking. 
The box even has old Polaroid film and extra flashes.
oh, and on a side note to the other two "antique" stores that we visited on the way to the really awesome one that we will be visiting again...if your store smells like cigarette smoke (which I think is against the law to smoke in a public building) I don't care how cool your stuff is...I am leaving.  And piling junk and trash in heaps on the floor around a woman sitting around a space heater is not really becoming of a store.  If you are going to go ahead and break the fire code should think about lighting a candle to take away the stench that overpowered you as you walk in the door. 
Have a terrific week!


Tricia said...

Great photos. My oldest daughter is 3 and I DREAD the makeup I feel for you. Loved the organization...good work!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I beg to differ - it's the little everyday things that I find the most blog worthy! Keep it up!

Oh, Jillian. She is something else, right?

The room looks GREAT! I love the rewards of organizing...

I'm not ready for the makeup! Yikes! I think the weekend rule is perfect ;-)


Kim said...

I have done a few rounds with Jillian and YES she can kick some serious butt! Keep up the good work!

Dani said...

Jillian. That woman is brutal. Shred should be in all caps.

Nice organization.


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