Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a girl, and a boy and a girl and another.....

The smallest, furriest members of our family have had their own. At the end of October, we adopted two dwarf hamsters for the kids. Tessie and Chester have been a welcome addition to our household. We are actually on Chester #3 due to unfortuneate circumstances which I won't go into, but this one has actually lasted longer than the other 2. The problem is, we knew the first was a girl (we told JT she was a boy because he was set on Chester), we were told by the pet store that #2 and #3 were girls as well. Well....obviously either #2 or #3 was not. We can't be sure who the daddy is because the gestation period for hamsters in 18-25 days and Chester #3 was welcomed to our family 19 days ago.

Anyway, Monday morning, JT was in the playroom with the hamsters and told me they were making funny noises. All day long I heard squeaking coming from the cage and Tessie would not come to me or Kelsey. Tuesday morning Kelsey went to go check on Tessie because she was still squeaking and image the look on her face when Tessie was nursing 6 babies! We now realize that the squeaking we heard was actually the babies and not Tessie or Chester.

I tried to get a picture but it is hard to get the camera in the cage and close enough for it to be clear so here is the best I can do. They are so stinking tiny little pink erasers about the size of the top half of your pinkie finger. If you are local and would like your very own dwarf hamster in about 5 weeks, please leave a comment.

In other news. I have been working on Project 365. This is where you take one picture a day for each day of the year. It is a great way to work on your photography skills but also to record the everyday events in your life. For obvious reasons, this is today's photo (007/365). Tomorrow, I will post some of the other shots I have taken. This project is great because it checks off 2 items on my List of Things to Accomplish and Work on in 2009.

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