Friday, April 9, 2010

eating healthy in the land of picky eaters

hey there!

I ran into a sweet friend at the grocery store yesterday and got to chatting about weight, fitness and life. She mentioned how she loves reading my blog because it makes her feel normal, so I figured it was about time to "weigh in" on my weight loss journey.

Last week's weigh in saw me down another 2.6lbs. Moving in the right direction. My first goal is to get back to 26 lbs down, which is were I was before I got stupid and figured I could fake my way through this. Everyone who is trying to loose weight has their own program that they swear by. I have tried several and while I won't knock any of them (except for maybe the grapefruit or cabbage soup diets). I have found that Weight Watchers works the best for me. It only works though when I follow the program, which I did and thankfully have been doing. It can be a huge struggle, and there are so many times that I want to (and have) given up. I love food, I just need to learn to love food responsibly.

Living in a household of picky eaters doesn't make things any easier. My husband does not eat anything that remotely resembles a vegetable unless it is slathered on a burger or poured over pasta. My son only eats meat (any kind and flavor but only meat) and my daughter will eat broccoli, green beans or baby carrots but other than that she is a pasta and rice kind of girl. They surely take after dad in their food preferences. I have become a pro at reading a recipe and telling if my family will eat it or if I can alter it for them. My tastes in food are much more widespread than my families. Many times I will make a recipe and plate only those parts that they will eat. I always make sure there is something that they will eat without cooking another meal. It gets tiring and old and I have to find ways to cope so that I don't just throw in the towel and eat their way.

Since my tastes are so diverse I used to fall into traps at resturaunts and didn't always choose the healthiest item on the menu, but something that I would not be able to make at home and then I eat ALL of it...if I could lick the plate, I probably would. Lately I have been cooking food I prefer at lunch which controls my cravings and allows me to eat the way I like, at least two mels a day (breakfast too). This has helped tremendously with my weight loss efforts as I don't feel deprived any more. I had the yummiest halibut with baked asiago fennel for lunch yesterday, my mouth is still watering {yum!}.

So that was probably a little more than you needed to know but at least you know where I am at, and where I am the right direction. More updates next week after I weigh in again.

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