Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life Week 1 : 1/1/2012 - 1/8/ 2012

I do realize that I should be posting week 5 this week, but I am not.  There is a very good reason behind that and a very good lesson I have learned about Project Life. 

First let me say that I LOVE Project Life.  The feeling I had when I finally finished my first week (and I keep looking at it) was what it is all about.  I LOVE that my children like to look at it. I LOVE that my husband likes to look at it.  I LOVE that my step daughter (who is grown, married and just came home for a visit) thinks it is so cool.  I LOVE that my children keep finding little things and handing them to me for Project Life.  All of these reasons, and so many more, are why I will continue with Project Life. 

Now let me tell you why I almost gave up...one week in.  I am a comparer and a perfectionist.  Two really bad traits that I must let go of.  Project Life isn't meant to be perfect, it isn't meant to be someone elses album, it isn't meant to be stressful, it isn't meant to be something you are not. But I made it that way.  It is meant to represent you, your style, your family.  I got caught up in all the inspiration in blog land.  I got bogged down with wanting to do this, and this, and that and that.  In the meantime I didn't really do anything. I tried desperatly to incorporate 50 different styles from other PL layouts I have seen but didn't really embrace my style.  I got behind, I got frustrated and I almost gave up.  But then I read this post by Jenny Meyerson and I felt as if she was speaking directly to me.  I gained a new perspective on Project Life, I took the inspiration that I had found online, I sat down and I created and I didn't stop until week 1 was done. 

I am happy to say, week 1 is mine.  Week 1 is done.  I LOVE my week 1.  Although I created it in my scrapbooking style, I did incorporate the ideas of others.  I love the title blocks used by Nichol Magouirk.  I love incorporating a week in review insert like Michelle Wooderson and I love the idea of writing a note to my kids like Jenny Meyerson.  If it hadn't been for the inspriation I have found, I wouldn't have learned to use my silhouette (which contributed to the insane amount of time it took to finish week 1).  I am now on week 2, with pictures inserted into weeks 3-4.  They are coming along nicely and much quicker now that I have decided to look, get inspired, but then just create without getting bogged down and trying to make my Project Life look like someone elses.

So...if you are still with me...here is Project Life Week 1:

Both pages
 Close up of left page:
 Close up of right page:

Supplies used:
Project Life Core Kit Clementie Edition; Project Life Design A Page Protectors; Washi Tape from Studio Calico; Happy face badge CTMH (ret); Play tab CTMH (ret); Typewriter stamp Unity Stamp Co.

I hope to have Week 2 up this weekend and Week 3 soon to follow. 

Linking up this week with Jessica at the Mom Creative

Project life is a system created by Becky Higgins.  It can be as simple or artistic as you want it to be.  It is designed to get back to the basics and record your everyday life.  For more information read this post.  Project life elements can be purchased here.


Liz said...

You go, girl. Looks great! I haven't even posted ONE of my weeks because I can't get past the fact I have no inserts...everyone has their hang ups. JUst do it your way, it is awesome!

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I love this. Awesome job getting week #1 done. I love the self portrait and the week at a glance note. Thank you so much for the kind words and I'm so glad my post spoke to you and helped in a small way to get you over that hump. I have so been there!
So glad you sent me your link to your pages. Looking forward to seeing more.

Jenny Meyerson said...

That would be Jenny Meyerson. My husband was logged into my computer. :) He likes your pages, too!

Dawn said...

Love your pages!! They are truly great! and I really like your thoughts about almost giving up, like you I almost gave up too, I had every excuse in the book, broken wrist, health problems, working OT a ton and more...but I carried my camera phone with me and snapped at least one picture a day, spent 5 minutes a day writing a journaling card then 30 mins on sundays silding everything in the pages and I count my blessings for my PL! I'm current and no its not fancy but its all there. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing your next pages.

Dee said...

glad you didn't give up. Your pages look great! It can be very overwhelming to look at all the ideas out there!

Chris Coryell said...

As I started reading your post I was going to leave you a comment how you should go over & read a post my sister Jenny did about not comparing, etc. & then I saw that you had already read it! ;) Oh the joys of the internet.

Your pages look great! Don't give up! Your family will thank you for documenting your every day!

Blessings to you!


Emily said...

Don't give up! Your page looks great, and you will be so glad you did it.


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