Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wildcard Wednesday

Ok, so I had this thought that if I had a different theme for each day, I might actually post more often. I so admire those people who actually have the time, creativity, and wit to actually post each day. I wish I had the time for lots of things, time and wit is the challenge.

So...with that being said, yesterday, was supposed to be Tasty Tuesday. My thought was to post a fav and really yummy recipe of mine, but by the time I had time to post it was Wednesday already! So, next week I will start that one. Wednesday is as the title says Wildcard Wednesday. This is the day that I will post who knows what. Haven't figured out the other days yet, but give me a week or two to iron everything out (I am big into schedules if you didn't already know that). I want this blog to be a bit of everything, and I usually only find scrappin' & stampin' time Friday through Sunday - so weekends and Mondays will most likely be creative posts.

So....what is Wildcard Wednesday bringing you today? Some news for all you Twilight addicts out there. No, New Moon is not coming out sooner, or being filmed local (you know I would be all over that, what family ???..), but Jackson Rathbone, aka Jasper Cullen, will be appearing on Criminal Minds tonight. The episode airs at 9 PM (eastern) on CBS. I have watched the show a couple times, but it is very hard for me to stay awake during the time slot - but I have already set my DVR (TiVO) to capture the happy viewing!

Alright, the kitchen is calling my name...clean me, clean me...and I have a zillion other things to cross off on my to-do list (that won't be), plus I need to think about what Thursday could bring.
I would love to hear your comments for titles for the remaining days of the week (M, TH, F, S, S) - so leave me some love and let me know what you want to see or hear!


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Sarah E. said...

Hey once you get the blog schedule ironed out, let me know. I will totally join you on your posts! Sounds like a lot of fun to have a theme for everyday. Miss you.


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