Wednesday, December 1, 2010

reclaiming the magic

I have decided that this year I am taking back my December, taking back Christmas and putting the magic back into this holiday season.  I have looked back on past years and realized that while I had always intended to slow down and enjoy the season, I didn't and found myself stressed out, burned out and ready for January to arrive.  Not. This. Year.

K & J are getting bigger every day and while I know for a fact that J still believes, I have reason to believe that K might be catching on to the whole Santa thing.  While I know it is an inevitable fact of growing up, as  a parent I can do my best to keep the magic alive and the excitement in the air.  Yes, I do know that Christmas is not about Santa, but it is a big part of it when you are a kid. 

Me being a bundle of stress and rushing through each day during the holiday season doesn't help my agenda, so I am stepping back.  It helps that most of my shopping is done, a goal I have been striving towards for years now and can finally say I have accomplished...I just need to pick up a few things here and there while I am out.  Taking the rushing around to find the "perfect gift" out of the equation will allow me to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and what I want Christmas to be all about.  My focus this year is not on the commercialism but is on my family and building memories and traditions to last a life time.

I have added in a few special activities to the agenda this year and I will be blogging about them as they happen.  I have also decided that I am going to do a Christmas journal this year to help keep me focused on what really, friends, traditions and the spirit of the season.  I will be doing a combination of Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas and Ali Edward's December Daily for inspiration and ideas.  Not only am I hoping that this keeps me focused but it will allow me to document our traditions and enjoy the excitement of the season while the kids are still young (enough) for years to come.  It will also enable me to get back into my craft room and start scrapping again, a favorite thing of mine that I have let take a back seat for far too long.   

I will be sharing my pages on a regular basis.  I invite you to stop by often and take a peak.  As for today, December 1st, I leave you with this, as it sums up everything I want to say perfectly:

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Renee said...

I am right there with you! thankfully my 16 (soon to be 17) year old son still gets excited about Christmas. Not for the gifts but for the family aspect of it all. My youngest is also on the cusp of not believing in Santa but I know that he too will keep the Spirit of Christmas alive. I wish you all the best and enjoy your friends and family this Christmas season!


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