Thursday, December 2, 2010

waiting, waiting, waiting and a name change

Shipping things stinks.  In today's modern, air travel, why oh why do things get shipped all the way across the country via truck...really?  Can't the truck just pick it up at the airport and skip all the waiting in between?  Don't they know that there just might be a very inpatient scrapbooker on the other end waiting for her goodies to arrive?   Not that I have any proof that it didn't actually go by air, but my goodies have been "on their way" since 11/24 and I don't like to wait!

I have been following along with all the wonderfully creative scrapbookers in blog land that are working on their JYC and DDs (Journal Your Christmas & December Daily).  I had been hoping to start mine before December to be ready for the prompts but grrrr...shipping.  I have been working on my journaling and have my photos...I just need my schtuff to get it all put will be a happy crafty weekend here.  I hope to have some pages to share real soon (we might need to play a little catch up).


If you noticed my header (you did right?) I have decided to change my blog name.   When I first started this blog it was solely to share my crafty creations.  I have since evolved, or at least my blog has, and "Cut it out!" (which by the way was not my idea in the first place, but for lack of a better name, I chose it) just didn't seem to fit where I wanted to go with my blog.  So "Mama Olie's Musings" was born.  Olie is a play on my last name.  My husband's nickname is Olie, J is lil Olie and so I am properly dubbed...Mama Olie.  "Musings", well, not a word I use in normal conversation...but hey, it is what it is....a whole bunch of nothing and a little of something (or vice versa), I thought "musings" covered it all.  The subtitle just sums it up..."reflections on life, loves (scrapbooking, cooking, name it) and little lessons.  I hope you will continue along on my journey...there is so much in store.

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Sarah E. said...

I love the new header, and title, and you! <3


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