Thursday, December 30, 2010

a season of enjoyment

Here I sit 2 days before 2011, 5 days after Christmas and realized that I have not shared one blog post about Christmas yet.  Well I will keep this short and sweet. 

It was a good one, actually one of the best in my book.  In fact, all of December was enjoyable.  I didn't stress, I didn't have a melt down, I wasn't up until 4 am Christmas morning (I was actually in bed by 10 pm), I didn't panic, I didn't go over budget, and I didn't expect perfection. 

What did I do?  I embraced the season, I enjoyed celebrating old traditions with my family and created new ones.  I did what I could do and let go of what I could not.  I stuck to my budget.  I did things little by little.  I accepted imperfections and made due with what I had.  I made the time to be, just be.  I loved every minute of December.

Did I accomplish everything I wrote on my To Do List for the month?  Nope.  But you know what?  That is ok with me.

With the year closing out quickly, I feel that my attitude this past month has put me in the right frame of mind for a new year, a new start.  Stay tuned, I will be sharing my 2011 Goals and Project List shortly.  I hope you will continue on the journey with me.

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