Friday, April 1, 2011

snow much fun & tasty treats

It's April 1st.
It's snowing.
We are 13 days into Spring here Mother Nature.
I do love snow.
I love to ski.
I love snowmen.
I love winter.
But winter is over.
Enough already with the snow.

And since I haven't yet shared the pics from our day of sledding during February vacation, I felt that a snowy day in April would be the perfect time.

I loaded 4 kiddos in the car and went to a local golf course with a great hill for sledding.  We spent most of the morning sledding and had the hill to ourselves.  I happened to spot a 4 person tobaggan in the garage before we left...lucky find, it was perfect!

The conditions on the hill were good.  A bit bumpy for my taste, although my body's jiggle factor is a bit higher than the kiddos...if you know what I mean.  I was able to make a few runs down, to pull the little ones up, but thankfully they decided to walk (err...crawl) up themselves (or at least with just a little help).

Erica decided that she really didn't need a sled and proceeded to roll down the 100 times.

While JT and Abby found an icy patch and flew down on the double sled again and again then tried sledding down on their bums...which worked too!

We were treated to a fly over...thank you 104th!  The kids thought is was their own personal airshow.

When it was time to leave, not everyone wanted to go...although, some were more vocal than others....

and every snowy day deserves some yummy treats

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