Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wildcard Wednesday

Hello and welcome to Wildcard Wednesday!

Today I have a Project 365 posting for you and a few updates.

Ok - I can't really call what I have done Project 365 because I have been pretty bad on actually taking the pics every day. I have excuses though (of course) in the beginning of the year I hated my camera so I bought a new one, now I don't really know how to use the one I have. I am getting better, and so is the frequency of my pics. I snapped this one the other day while playing with the camera - I actually love how it came out (although if I could just figure out Photoshop). It so captures my children's love of Wii, their favs right now...Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Star Wars.

I have two more pics to share as we celebrated a birthday last week (5/7). My baby boy turned 7 - I can't believe how fast time flies...he will always be my baby boy though, no matter how old he gets, although he didn't agree when I asked if he would turn 5 instead of 7...oh, well, I tried.

As family tradition, we took him out to dinner on his birthday - the birthday boy/girl chooses the place (the only rule is the resturaunt cannot have toys with the meals). He choose, Opa Opa Steakhouse (they ordered Kraft mac & cheese..go figure). He wanted to sit on the saddle, wear the cowboy hat and have his pic on the wall....

and...on 5/9 we had his kid birthday party at Amelia Park Children's Museum. What a great party, basically I did nothing...just set up tables, no entertaining, no was great. He wanted a Star Wars theme party, but after searching the only 5 stores in the area that carry party stuff, I could not find any Star Wars themed goods. So I opted for the balloon and a special guest....
The look on his face was worth the $1 store blue plates that I had to settle for. It is nice to have cousins who are young at heart and eager to please the little ones.
Thanks for stopping by...I will be back tomorrow with Therapy Thursday and maybe a little crafty goodness. I have been at the picking away at a layout when I find a free minute and hope to be able to share soon.

Take care and enjoy your day.

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