Saturday, July 30, 2011

a week in the life ~ friday

Number of photos for Friday ~ 64

I am slightly disappointed in my pictures for today.  Even though I have 64 photos, most of them are blurry or exist because I took multiple shots of the same thing, so the actual number of useable photos is pretty small.  I just didn't have the camera out as often today, and I am not sure why as I have been full force all week.  Could be because my Facebook status (which I haven't downloaded the screen shot from my phone yet) read:  "today is turning out to be a 3 shot of Vodka kind of night"...well, I will think of something to fill in the space.  

Here are some of my favorites for Friday:

 contemplating the day...the calm before the storm

JT came downstairs dressed as Scooby Doo.  Sara did not like it one bit.

 Kelsey's last baby tooth is just about out.  I love this shot because it shows both the baby tooth, hanging on by a thread and her adult tooth pushing through...there is just so much symbolism in this picture (sigh).

 Yeah, it has been one of those days.

 Friday mornings is movie day.  I need the time to finish up those last minute things around the house so I can unwind and spend time with my family on the weekend.

 Pancakes for lunch.

 Marinades waiting for my chicken that is on the grill.  I grill up about 6 - 8 pieces every few days for salads and snacks.

Daddy's home.  He gets this greeting every single day.

Saturday pictures will be posted tomorrow.  I can't believe this week is almost over. 

A week in a life is inspired by Ali Edwards.  For more information, please visit the information page on Ali's Blog.


myorii said...

Wow, that photo of the baby tooth barely hanging on is an amazing one. I've never seen both tooth like that before so it's quite fascinating for me :)

sugarnuggets said...

Love your WITL photos! You have great shots and after perusing your blog one gets a neat glimpse into your life. Great job. I have to get to my album now that I have the photos in my hands :)

stitchintime said...

You have such great shots of day to day life. You will have a great Project Life.


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