Saturday, July 30, 2011

a week in the life ~ thursday

 Number of Photos for Thursday ~ 64

Amazingly I am still going strong. I have realized so much about my life, our life, during this week.  Things I love, and things...well, not so much.  Not only has this week given me the chance to record the every day moments, the little things that make up our life right now, but it has given me the chance to look at things differently and see what really needs to be changed.

Here are some of my favorites from Thursday:

my eyes

the never ending list.  Each week I write out a list for the week and then transfer tasks to my planner for the day.  I need to keep everything in view to keep me on track each and every day.

the essentials.  Bob starting packing for his training deployment.

 the entertainment:  collecting frogs.

the bath & body works annex - my bathroom cabinet.  I might have a slight obsession with yummy smelling soap.

the DVR.  Of course this is just page 1 but it shows my recordings and the fact that I really never get a chance to watch tv during the summer.  When the kids are in school I watch a show while I fold laundry, which I rarely have time to do during the summer either.

the routine.  Every Thursday Bob golfs in a league after work and the kids and I head to the library for books, a movie or 2 and then go home for pizza and a movie night.

the haul.  Kelsey rarely takes books out of the library because she reads non stop on her Kindle.  JT rarely takes books out of the library because it is like pulling teeth to get him to read.  He has the Wimpy Kid series and the first How to Train a Dragon book which he will read but usually it is a battered lego magazine that will keep his interest.

I will be back soon with Friday.

A week in a life is inspired by Ali Edwards.  For more information, please visit the information page on Ali's Blog.


wendy said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in the Bath & Body Works Annex department, although I think I need to restock my supply. That was a fun picture! (PS - Got your link from Al's blog. Isn't it fun to see what other people are recording this week?)

myorii said...

I'm pretty impressed by your collection of Bath and Body Works. I use to collect them before we moved to Japan but seeing your collection makes me long for mine :)


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