Saturday, July 30, 2011

a week in the life ~ friday

Number of photos for Friday ~ 64

I am slightly disappointed in my pictures for today.  Even though I have 64 photos, most of them are blurry or exist because I took multiple shots of the same thing, so the actual number of useable photos is pretty small.  I just didn't have the camera out as often today, and I am not sure why as I have been full force all week.  Could be because my Facebook status (which I haven't downloaded the screen shot from my phone yet) read:  "today is turning out to be a 3 shot of Vodka kind of night"...well, I will think of something to fill in the space.  

Here are some of my favorites for Friday:

 contemplating the day...the calm before the storm

JT came downstairs dressed as Scooby Doo.  Sara did not like it one bit.

 Kelsey's last baby tooth is just about out.  I love this shot because it shows both the baby tooth, hanging on by a thread and her adult tooth pushing through...there is just so much symbolism in this picture (sigh).

 Yeah, it has been one of those days.

 Friday mornings is movie day.  I need the time to finish up those last minute things around the house so I can unwind and spend time with my family on the weekend.

 Pancakes for lunch.

 Marinades waiting for my chicken that is on the grill.  I grill up about 6 - 8 pieces every few days for salads and snacks.

Daddy's home.  He gets this greeting every single day.

Saturday pictures will be posted tomorrow.  I can't believe this week is almost over. 

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a week in the life ~ thursday

 Number of Photos for Thursday ~ 64

Amazingly I am still going strong. I have realized so much about my life, our life, during this week.  Things I love, and things...well, not so much.  Not only has this week given me the chance to record the every day moments, the little things that make up our life right now, but it has given me the chance to look at things differently and see what really needs to be changed.

Here are some of my favorites from Thursday:

my eyes

the never ending list.  Each week I write out a list for the week and then transfer tasks to my planner for the day.  I need to keep everything in view to keep me on track each and every day.

the essentials.  Bob starting packing for his training deployment.

 the entertainment:  collecting frogs.

the bath & body works annex - my bathroom cabinet.  I might have a slight obsession with yummy smelling soap.

the DVR.  Of course this is just page 1 but it shows my recordings and the fact that I really never get a chance to watch tv during the summer.  When the kids are in school I watch a show while I fold laundry, which I rarely have time to do during the summer either.

the routine.  Every Thursday Bob golfs in a league after work and the kids and I head to the library for books, a movie or 2 and then go home for pizza and a movie night.

the haul.  Kelsey rarely takes books out of the library because she reads non stop on her Kindle.  JT rarely takes books out of the library because it is like pulling teeth to get him to read.  He has the Wimpy Kid series and the first How to Train a Dragon book which he will read but usually it is a battered lego magazine that will keep his interest.

I will be back soon with Friday.

A week in a life is inspired by Ali Edwards.  For more information, please visit the information page on Ali's Blog.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

a week in the life ~ wednesday

Number of photos for Wednesday - 58: narrowed down to 28

Today I found myself snapping photos around the house of things just laying around, although I thought I took more than I actually ended up with.  I still feel I have a good representation of our everyday. 

Here are some of my favorites from Wednesday:

5:45 am - I get up before Bob each morning to make him coffee and his breakfast & lunch.  I have been doing this for years...although everyone tells me I am too good to him.  I enjoy it though and it saves money and keeps him healthy. 

 8:15 am - getting settled in.  A little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I make breakfast, change over the laundry and get things going for the day.

 Sara making sure the kids are safe while they play outside.

This is so typical.  One shoe on, one shoe off...all day, everyday.

 Ran out of a few "essentials" so a quick stop on the way to Tae Kwon Do.  I also had to pick Bob up some beef jerky for him to have on the plane when he leaves for Alaska Saturday.  Eight hours and military flights do not have flight attendants or in flight meals.

 Bob remembered to snap some photos today with his iphone.  I had to send him reminders but he sent me a few good ones.  I love my man in uniform.

I end the night every night reading.  Sometimes it takes forever to finish a book because I am often so tired that I can only get thruogh a few pages before the words start blurring together.  Sometimes one of the kids will sit in bed with me and read too.  Kelsey will read on her Kindle but when it is JT, we read a book together outloud (or I do most of the reading).  We are reading the Chronicles of Narnia right now.  I don't really have a specific type of book that I like to read, but I have been reading alot of historical fiction lately and really like it.  My mom recommended this book.  So far it is an easy read and pretty good.  I am told I will cry...

Stay tuned for Thursday's pictures tomorrow.

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a week in the life ~ tuesday

Number of photos for Tuesday: 104 : narrowed down to 34

Ok, so this post is a day late and you are treated to 2 posts today but man o man, I have taken so many pictures it took me forever to figure out which ones I wanted to keep.  I don't know if I will be able to get them down to a manageable level to put my WIL album together next week or if I will print them all and just figure it out from there...I have a few days to think about that one, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the process.

I do have to admit I am loving this whole project.  As the days go by, I feel more confident with my camera and am very pleased with the shots I am taking.

So, here is some of the favorites from Tuesday:

 my 15 minutes of quiet time in the morning after Bob has left for work and before I neeeed to get ready for the day.  Lately it has been cool enough to spend it on the sun porch with my coffee and tons of love from Sara.

 DS lessons...or, if you let me play your game, I will get you to the next level, and you can watch me.

 JT felt fortune cookies were an appropriate breakfast.  I loved this true.

 She loves her dragon.

 Comforting a bump, bruise or most likely "someone took my toy"

Time to go outside.  Assembly line for sunscreen and bug spray...they know the drill.

We have seen a string of nasty storms since the beginning of June when 2 tornadoes tore through the area.  Tonight there was a few funnel clouds but nothing made landfall.  No damage reported in town, but the surrounding towns did have downed trees & power lines as well as damaging hail.  Western MA is not used to this type of activity.

See you soon with a glimpse at Wednesday.

A Week in the Life is a photography project by Ali Edwards. For more information, please visit Ali's blog.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a week in the life - monday

Number of Photos for Monday: 27

I need to start every morning with coffee, then a shower, then more coffee.  I probably drink way too much but it keeps me going through the day and keeps me from snacking.  I enjoy my first myself (and now with Sara) in the sunroom or the big chair in the living room.  It is 15 minutes of peace before the craziness that is my day sets in at 6:45.  This is my treat to me time...enjoying my coffee with steamed milk and cinnamon on top.

I haven't yet decided which, or how many, pictures I will be using in my album, I am sure that will come together next week...until then, here are a few of my favorites from the day:

I take after my mother and have this thing for curled potato chips.  I won't eat any other chips in the bag, just the curled ones and the kids (and Bob) know to hand them over.  I found these 3 when making Bob's lunch this morning and they were just drool worthy.  The temptation to put them in a container and save them until I am ready to eat carbs ago was quite strong, but I resisted and let my dear husband indulge...although I did ask him to savor every bite, as they were very special to me.

JT making breakfast, although his bowl of cereal could realistically count towards lunch and dinner as well.  We don't typically lounge around in Sport Coats, we were on our way to a funeral.

a candid shot in the car.  I have very few pictures of me and this project is aimed at correcting that...once and for all.

Doing some online shopping in an attempt to get my craft room/office organized. 

yes, my eyes are closed.  Yes, my room is a mess...but I absolutely love this picture because what it laughing, being happy and just enjoying life.  I am pretty sure I was just slathered with puppy kisses, but isn't that what life is all about?

Dinner.  Yeah, my goal back from vacation was to have a home cooked meal on the table every night...tonight it just didn't happen...nothing thawed, running late and didn't get home with the kids from Tae Kwan Do until 7:45...this mama was not cooking then.

Bob playing with Sara, a nightly ritual, those 2 bonding.  She absolutely loves to play & cuddle with her pink dragon. 

Kelsey's usual position throughout the evening.  She is on the phone with her BFF Shannon (whom she was with all day).  They are also on Club Penguin and chatting on Facebook at the same time.

Love this. Always will.

catching up on the 143 blogs that I absolutely love to read.  I am a bit addicted.  Thank goodness they don't all post everyday...I would never get anything done.

I am so glad I have undertaken this project.  I am starting to feel more comfortable with my camera after a day and a half of shooting and I am seeing things in a whole new perspective.  Yes this is everyday life, but it is OUR everyday life, right here, right now.

See you tomorrow with a glimpse at Tuesday.

A Week in the Life is a photography project by Ali Edwards.  For more information, please visit Ali's blog.


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